Your Resonating Signature

Mama, I am still your rhythmic, resonating signature I am your response I am your light You are still the first home I had Your voice echoes in my heart Your intelligence pulses in my smallest actions Your acknowledgement still soothes so deeply Thank you. One year.        

Love Letter to 2016

Thank you, 2016. I lost my Mama this year, and gained my own trust. I learned to lead with my heart and remembered that I must practice listening, and track this sense of glimmering sweetness that’s growing. Showing me who I am, and with whom I’m surrounded; this family of friends and teachers who hold me, […]

Wake Up Project Podcast with Jono Fisher, Australia

A privilege to be interviewed by Jono Fisher; a caring, compassionate leader in the field of transformative personal work worldwide. Image: Pete Longworth


A note of thanks in celebration of my 2 year sober anniversary. 1975. Back seat of my Mama’s car. That familiar viscerally revolting smell, coupled with the strangely aspirational vision of my hero, my queen, my mother, her elegantly veined hand out the window, cigarette perched between first and middle finger. Music, lightness, breeze. Freedom. 1985. My bathroom, […]

Honouring Fluency

Written for Yom Kippur, the Days of Awe, and my 46th turn around the Sun. Thank you for granting us the language with which to call to you. Thank you for inspiring us to use the words we have to own our part, light and dark, to soften the edges and create contexts of kindness. Thank […]

Insights At The Edge Podcast, with Tami Simon

Sounds True Founder, Tami Simon invited me to her Insights At The Edge Podcast. Listen to our episode here on iTunes, or here on Sounds True. Honoured to be an author with the Sounds True family. “Your interview with Tami Simon should go down in history for its stellar advice on being human. It was a […]

Discover the Magic of Meditation: A 5-Day Yoga + Sitting Practice from Yoga Journal

[Featured in Yoga Journal, October 2016] Whether you aspire to 
meditate, you’ve started 
(and stopped) too many times to count, or you’re in 
a good groove and want 
to stay there, read on. This five-day practice will help you discover and embrace the power of sitting every day. All too often, students tell me they’ve […]

Wilderness. For the High Holidays 2016

From the wilderness of childhood, my parents made it clear, wordlessly, that through them there was someone, nameless at first, concerning Himself with me. Or Herself. Later, this was called G-d, but at first, it was just a look in their eyes, a certain comport, gestures – and i felt it, wise. Steady. Which later […]