Become Yourself on SoulFeed

Honoured to be on the SoulFeed with Shannon Algeo. He and Alex Kip have created an enriching dialogue with so several of my favourite teachers and thought leaders; our conversation covers creativity, my next book, Practice You, my evolving relationship with my Mama who passed several months ago, and the power of practice.

SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW for Our Body Book by Cameron Diaz

ON YOGA, MEDITATION + LONGEVITY Interview with AMANDA KRIEBEL, for Our Body Book, July 2017 Elena Brower has been teaching masterfully crafted yoga and meditation classes since 1998, which now has expanded to her book “Art of Attention,” online courses, and a website dedicated to yoga teachers. She sprinkles seeds of spiritual awakening all over the world to […]

Calling the Light

Written for the closing circle of our Calling the Light Retreat. Paros, Greece, July 2016 It’s light. It’s there. It’s alive. It’s aware. You press the buttons, you make it nice. We just give instructions, and give the time to listen. We all do this practice to reveal more clarity; in every detail of our […]

The Art of Living and Sharing Yoga, on S-Life Magazine

[Featured on S Life Magazine, June 2016]   What has the journey been like to where you are now? It’s been almost 18 years since I’ve been teaching yoga. I think it’s only been since I turned 40 — I’m 45 now — that I actually like what I’ve been saying. I really feel as […]

Parenting 101: Tell The Truth

Parenting 101:  To Tell the Truth My son Jonah and I gave this talk on parenting to revolutionize how you and your children communicate. Let this be an engaging guide for you to watch with your children and/or your partner, relevant for all of your relations and interactions.

The Last. For Mother’s Day.

I thought about the last time I hugged you today, just now. You held joy. Your eyes sparkled like I hadn’t seen in some time, even though we’d just discussed that you weren’t feeling well, and I held your feet because I knew; I could feel it too. Your hair looked really cute that day. Maybe […]

Talk with Jonni Pollard for Welcome Earth

Dear colleague, now dear brother and friend Jonni Pollard and I talked for Welcome Earth recently at my home in New York City. Our discussion about recognizing vulnerability, releasing fear, reorienting our senses, reconciling our romantic notions of practice and realizing the underlying reality of pure consciousness through meditation. Thank you Welcome Earth.

Talk with Hari Kaur Khalsa at ABC Home

Honoured to have hosted this evening of discussion and meditation with Hari Kaur Khalsa. Our enriching conversation on Kundalini for Welcome Earth covers why we do yoga, what we gain from a Kundalini practice, with practical ways to incorporate ancient wisdom in the context of our daily lives. Opening with a prayer, a Chakra meditation led […]