Mindful Smack: Compassion, for Parents

If you’re watching this, you care about your family, so have compassion for yourself. Then, practice compassion for your kid(s) – they’ve only been alive a much shorter time and they only know of the world what you’ve shown them by your example, your mood(s), your energy. Practice this compassion, practice stepping into their experience, remembering who you were then, asking them about their life, even asking them what you can do better for them. Compassion rules.


  1. Christine guzzardi says:

    Thank you. Remind myself daily to slow down and be present! Can easily miss magic moments, all our children truly need and require is our Love~Attention and our Time~

  2. This moved me to tears. Thank you Elena! Sometimes we think that our kids should only see us happy (at least my perfectionist side believes this) and so it causes tension when we try to hide our bad moments and moods from our kids. I am truthful with my children in most every way possible, but I see that I am not being honest with them when I am having a bad day…of course they feel it…I need to speak about it. Thank you for this simple yet powerful reminder! Much love, Terren

  3. Mama, you’re so good. Thank you.
    My youngest and I enjoyed the bonus meditation for adventure today. I love how she likes to bring in her stuffed animals to our little circle. She gets up constantly, but we are there together sharing space and it’s beautiful. You are a gift in my life and my family thanks you for our little shift. Sat Nam _/\_


  4. Beautiful. The compassion isn’t only for the young years but as they grow older too. When you choose to be compassionate when they are teeny, as they evolve they remember your choices and impart their own compassion to others.

    Such an important message for parents today. As always intuitive and insightful Elena gets it.

  5. Thank you, Elena❤️
    Compassion to our selves and to our children will heal the world.
    Have a nice week, too!
    Love, Christina

  6. Thanks for this! Hope you had an awsome week!

  7. Bonnie Feagle says:

    thank you!

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