Mindful Smack: Reminder to Meditate

Take 5 minutes to invite yourself to sit and turn all that’s changing, and all that’s difficult, into food for your clarity and your growth. Bring it all to your heart. Meditate. It always helps.

Mindful Smack: Reminder to Meditate from Elena Brower on Vimeo.


  1. Namaste!

  2. Power message. That holds so much truth. Welcome back!

  3. Great reminder! So happy you are doing these Mindful Smacks again. Wishing you all the best in your transition time. Happy that I got to practice twice at ViraYoga with you. The classes were amazing and the energy in your studio was so wonderful! I’m sure whatever the next phase is, will be even better. So grateful also for your presence on YogaGlo–I have and continue to evolve due to your mindful classes.

    Blessings to you, Elena.
    Melanie xo

  4. so happy you are back: namaste.

  5. Im so glad that you are back!!!!!

    Your words is so powerful and full of wisdom Elena.
    They hit me in my heart.
    Im so thankful that you are back!!!
    Take care namaste
    // Lasse

  6. Great message Elena. I find that 5-15 minutes of meditation before going to sleep more than “pays for itself” by sleeping better and being more centered throughout the day

  7. Wonderfully simple and powerfully effective
    Just DO IT

  8. I love your mindful smacks Elena. Meditation has been part of my daily routine. My day feels really incomplete without it. May it be 2, 5 or 15 minutes, I always make time even if I’m busy. Namaste!

    • I’m with you, Sexy Yoga School. I love Elena’s Mindful Smacks–such as creative name, too. I’ve just started meditating daily a couple of months ago and I always feel such a difference with just 15 minutes at the beginning and end of my days. I think it’s something I’ll be sticking with well into the future. Namaste!

  9. Meditation is so important. People always say they don’t know how. Just sit and breathe thats it! Other forms of meditation? Dance, sing, play an instrument, bake, cook, garden… find what works for you but it’s definitely more simple if you just sit down for 5 min. and start there. Thank you Elena. Transition and change is hard when you forget to root down and breathe!

  10. Short, sweet and powerful !
    This is what I needed to hear today !
    God Bless you


  1. […] mind was never the problem, it just needed room to breathe, to release, to soften, to land. Daily. Meditating every day is making my heart the brightest star in my sky, and it’s learning to do a stellar job of […]

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