Love Letter to 2013

IMG_0187Thank you for showing me the route home. You gave me fortitude and a deep love for myself, and showed me how to listen well. You threw me curveballs and I learned to catch. You showed me friendships that have been unmatched. You let me experience my own Divinity. Taught me how to be a partner with integrity. When you made me want to run and hide, you also showed signs of why to stay alive, and there was magic in the air. There was magic in how much I cared. There was magic everywhere.

IMG_1239You showed me that i’m part of something, and that we really are at a critical juncture, of learning and listening, stopping and stilling. You made it clear that i’m held, as long as i’m willing. You taught me that kindness is the sign of a great leader, and that silence is my most potent healer. Thank you 2013.



  1. Aléxandros says:

    Lovely! If we see the life with love, everything is positive. Everything that we can learn.

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