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Episode 146: Rebecca Woolf

On being real with your kids, emergence after the death of a spouse and a handful of difficult truths we’re all afraid to face.

MetaPWR Overview

30+ minutes on MetaPWR: on your metabolic health and the importance of efficient cellular communication. In conjunction with LLV and consistent use of essential oils, in 2.5 months the MetaPWR system has helped me shed 2 pant sizes and regain my interior vitality during menopause. This system is for all ages, all body types and worth exploring no matter what stage of life you’re in. Download Notes Book a consult with Elena

Essential Oils for Skincare

Skincare begins from the inside. Explore supplements and practices to support healthy gut biome, which helps your skin. Then learn how to nourish your skin with oil cleansing, and which essential oils are optimal for your skincare routine starting today.

Essential Oils for Elders and Caregivers

With guest Sierra Campbell, founder of and; oils to support all systems for our elders. Useful if you’re engaged with elder care and/or end-of-life support. For information on working with Elena and her doTERRA team:

Step-by-Step Guide to Healing from Emotional Abuse

Once upon a time, on a mountain top, deep in my studentship, about five years and eight notebooks into the most serious spiritual journey of my life, I am mid-class in a week-long training that will change everything. My dear teacher bends down in front of my mat, picks up my pen and writes a few words in my treasured blue Clairfontaine notebook.  I’ve never shared this.   As soon as I see the ink forming the words, I realize I’m shaking. As a “good student,” I never want to disappoint this person, and I can’t believe I’ll have to. All of this happens as I’m watching a short poem unfurling on the page, inviting me to this person’s private quarters; clearly a sexual invitation. I’m horrified, confused, frustrated, lost. Mostly lost. And in my utter humanity, a part of me wants to say yes, to please, to be chosen. Which simultaneously disgusts me. Step One: Acknowledge the Abuse  Afraid to disappoint my teacher and wondering if my first extended training will now become the abrupt end to my long-awaited studies, I ask this person to meet me outside, just after class, in full view of other people. Step one of …

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