IMG_4952Never felt more on my own
Ever increasingly more at home in here
in this body, in this mind, in this slowing-down kind of cadence that reminds me

to wait, mediate, meditate, soften my space and let it all fall   a w a y

Thank you for leaving me this legacy of sunlight and patience and flowers and hours of
focused care
this is where it always needed to go – i just didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t have known till now.
I love you. I miss you. I wish i could call you and hear your voice so instead I’ll listen to
my last birthday call
which I saved for this moment where all falls

so quietly into the pace of the truth

we did it
you made it
i took it you gave it
you saw it
you felt it
you became it
you held it
you knew it

you knew it.

I miss you. I know I’ve said that. I keep saying it out loud so many times.

9 thoughts on “Away.”

  1. Sweet Elena, It so beautiful, so releasing and so aching. I’ve been with you a lot in these past two weeks, being in your sadness and reliving my own. I’m eternally in debt for your caring support during my Mother illness and her passing away. I’m and always be here for you with whatever you may need. Lots of love. Basia

  2. I feel this one in the depths of my being. As a daughter and a mother to three daughters. Thank you for the reminder! I keep forgetting only to remember again!

  3. So many things seem to fall away
    in the process
    in the beauty of realization
    I am alive
    a gardener
    in my inner Eden

    a unifying
    of duality
    of separation
    of contrasts
    of contradictions
    of contractions
    of contracts

    We have reached
    the destionation
    of our true selves.

    Deep bow

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