Why I’ve Chosen doTERRA As My Business

Why have I chosen to work with Essential Oils? After two decades of teaching yoga and meditation, I hadn’t been able to save for the future. A dream of mine was to be freely philanthropic, save for retirement and be able to live more easefully. Having opened a doTERRA account a couple of years earlier, as a customer I saw the Oils help clear up my skin and have a positive impact on my emotional wellness. At that time I was sharing Oils sporadically, saying an emphatic ‘no’ to the business, when I began reading the doTERRA Leadership magazine. Those short pieces from leaders in doTERRA showed me that I could grow a thriving business sharing the efficacy of Essential Oils with my community. Since then, my life revolves around learning and teaching, researching and connecting, giving back and investing in meaningful ways. From clear medical evidence to simple daily rituals, the plants have taught me volumes about how to live my life with more presence and better health. Why doTERRA? Our company was founded in 2008, with a commitment to establishing patterns of giving. There are no outside investors; the founders personally funded the startup and own 100% of the […]

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Is It Time?

This year is my second year in recovery, and I’m celebrating and sharing it when it feels right. For those of you asking if it might be time to free yourself from addiction and start to do your highest work, life in recovery is full and rich. Friendships are deep, practices are subtle, listening is enhanced. Recently, I asked dear colleague Stephanie Snyder three short questions about her journey in recovery since 2000. E: Can you name 3 discernible shifts since you entered into recovery? S: Everything has shifted since I entered recovery; it’s the biggest most beautiful blessing of my life. If I had to narrow it down to three specific shifts they would be humility, acceptance, and gratitude – in that order. No one enters recovery because everything is great, and I’m no exception. I was in a desperate downward spiral, and at the time it seemed like I either check into rehab or I check out of life – literally. Humility It took a great amount of humility for me to ask for help, to admit that I couldn’t pull it together on my own and to let someone else take the driver’s seat. I was accustomed to working my way through any situation. I

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Giving Empowerment To Women and Girls

This year, I’m choosing to highlight four of my favourite organizations for the holidays; each are a way to offer empowerment, care or safety to women and girls in need. Thank you for considering sharing your resources and attention with them. Shining Hope for Communities is dedicated to providing in-need communities with the tools to create bright futures. Girls on Fire, founded by Eileen Flannigan, brings literacy, advocacy, time with tribal elders and enriching dialogue to young girls. Such community programs provide resources to further economic opportunity and advance human rights, creating space for individuals to pave personal paths out of poverty. www.girlsonfireleaders.com Founded by a yogi, supported by yoga students and guided by professionals, Exhale to Inhale empowers women who have endured intimate partner violence and sexual assault to heal and reclaim their lives. They offer free weekly yoga at shelters and centers in New York, the Hudson Valley and Connecticut. Your donations help them train and compensate teachers, and raise awareness each year to help more women receive the gift of wellness. exhaletoinhale.org With more than twenty years of on-the-ground experience working with women in countries affected by conflict and war, Women for Women International understands that a

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Love Letter.

Dear 2015, Grateful to have known you. Thank you for teaching me about my capacities – for love and kindness, strength and softness, incredible inappropriateness and full forgiveness. You’ve shown me that my heart is enough. You’ve granted me closeness to a partner whose willingness to evolve has informed my own evolution. You’ve helped me understand the heart of my child as a child of the Universe; I am blessed to have this hilarious healer in my own home, a creative collaborator, a superb source of light; nine years, many lifetimes old. Thank you for granting me the ability to see him and treat him respectfully. Thank you for taking me on long walks with wise leaders, putting me in touch with strong spiritual seekers, and for helping me believe I am a teacher amongst teachers. Thank you for reminding me to circle the fire, chant till I’m free, and trust that when I hear the calling, it really is for me. Thanks also for sending me the best collaborators. I’m now hooked on the feeling i have when a colleague or co-teacher contacts me and we’re aligned, right on time. It’s one of the finest gifts of this year

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Por qué el hacer nada es la llave de la felicidad

por el dr. Mark Hyman La atención y el enfoque son difíciles de conseguir. Starbucks ha construido un negocio $13 mil millones, porque necesitamos ayuda para estar despiertos. Los psiquiatras diagnostican cada vez más “trastorno por déficit de atención del adulto” y prescriben Ritalina para los adultos que no pueden concentrarse o prestar atención. Pero, ¿son el café y las prescripciones la respuesta a nuestras distracciones modernas?Imagen integrada 1 Nuestra atención se ha descarrilado por el correo electrónico, los iPhones, el beep de un nuevo mensaje de texto, por las malas noticias en la televisión y las tensiones de trabajo, relaciones y familia. Es fácil sentirse abrumado y perderse el extraordinario don de estar vivo. Nuestros cuerpos se descomponen bajo el ataque – del insomnio, la ansiedad, la depresión, la obesidad y todas las enfermedades crónicas se agravan por este estrés implacable. El Buda estaba caminando por la carretera poco después de ser iluminado, y un viajero vio su notable energía. Él le preguntó si era un ángel, un hechicero, un mago o una especie de dios. “No”, dijo el Buda, “estoy despierto.” Lo que más importa en la vida es la calidad de nuestra experiencia; la capacidad de estar

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Offered this piece at Yoga Journal LIVE at Kripalu, November 2015. If we wish to receive and hold and give and shape and mold the totality, we need to be near others who help us see the patience and the love in the lining of our soul. So we generate moments where several of us gather to experience the traction of the evolutionary force of Nature, together. We practice. We dance. We chant. We pray – as prayer is our attention and our first listening – our way of giving as well as receiving. We’re seeing more such gatherings, which bring us into a higher conversation, and keep our highest quality of communication open. That keeps us in alignment, and supportive of each others’ refinement, which keeps us learning and educated, and keeps our connections hydrated and ventilated, so the currents of learning and teaching can flow between us, unabated. This way we can all remind each other to let the greater flow in, and that there weren’t any accidents along the way. And nothing was ever broken. All our teachers, studies, understandings, hardships All our victories, phases, chapters, righteousness None of it was wasted and nothing needs to be replaced. But it

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Gestures From The Influence

Dear dharmic brother Darren Rhodes sent me this piece years ago from our teacher Lee Lozowick, referencing Divine Influence as an all-pervasive, unknowable, indescribable force, imperceptible by the senses, but discernible by other means. “In order to develop the proper charge, and to recognize the Influence for what it is, we need to train our perception. This training includes developing an appreciation for subtlety, for the hints and clues that arise in our environment. “These are not the omens of the superstitious, but real gestures from the Influence. Picking up these gestures – whether from the environment or from a living carrier of Divine Influence – requires unlearning. “We must unlearn the habit of perceiving the world in gross, strictly linear terms and our own biased views [which are] based on neuroses, misconceptions, judgements and projections. Then we can begin to see for ourselves that [the Divine] does not live in the sky, but is immanent in all of Creation, and, for our purposes in sadhana, in the human body… “In order to recognize Divine Influence, one must shift perceptions from the worldly domain of ‘consensus reality’ into the subtle domain of real feeling and intuitive knowing in the slowly awakening, divine

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Today. We are lucky to have the time to be here. We are lucky to have a chance to call anyone dear, We are lucky to have a space of our own, We are lucky to stand in the middle of somewhere called home and feel love and unity, even if virtually. And begin to explore this new quality of prosperity. Wealth of appreciation, of thankfulness. Of standing tall and being ready to give what we get. So today hold those you love so close, Be sure to tell them you love them the most – Take care to have a rest, even if it’s in your mind, And be present for this day. May it be an easeful one in a long, strong line of loving days for you. Love you guys, E

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Questions and Answers

On the occasion of Jamie Zimmerman’s untimely death, I sat and asked her what she might have me say when we gathered to remember her. These are the words that landed. What will you do with this elevated state? What will you clear out? What will you commence? What will you cultivate? What will you love? How will you listen? From whom will you learn? Can you let this unexpected sadness burn up every last doubt? You’re here to lift it all up, to usher in big, transcendent love, to remember who you are; that might be enough. You’re here to construct context tenderly, To sit and observe appreciatively, To hear Nature with sensitivity, And if you forget who you are, Please, please, Remember who you are to me.

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Office Yoga Sequence

[Featured in Sonima, September 2015] When midday stress or aches arise in your body, take a break with this simple yet powerful office yoga sequence. When we’re happy, we can thrive in our work. This practice will make your whole body happier in just a few minutes at your desk. Yes, yoga at the office—we dare you to try it! Based on my burgeoning understanding of Katonah Yoga, an alignment-based yoga system developed by Nevine Michaan in New York City and Bedford Hills, NY, here are a few postures to help you get through each day a little happier and healthier. This sequence incorporates quiet meditation, invigorating breath-work, and  deep stretches. When practiced regularly it can give your immune system a boost, open your interior spaces, and clear your mind so you can perform at your peak. Sit Take a seat with your hands resting on your thighs, feet resting on the floor. Breathe and feel your body for two minutes. Hear all the sounds around you; simply let them in and out of your awareness smoothly. Stretch Staying seated, inhale your arms high and bring your hands to touch above your head. Keeping your arms super straight, lift your inner body off of

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Challenges Are Clues

“These challenges are clues. They have been placed in your path, strategically… so you would not be able to continue to ignore the experiential evidence that has been nudging you a lifetime. Choose carefully how to respond to these signals. And recognize them for the gift they truly are. There is no limitation whatsoever in the structure of your fundamental essence. And you can, in fact, be anything you choose to be. The key to transcending conditions in which you perceive the evidence of limitation… is to dwell utterly and completely in a perception of how you would like it to be.”* Every thought reinforces the vibrational building blocks of our circumstances; today’s reality is a result of years of thinking and believing in certain outcomes. This year I’ve made this real for myself, releasing long-held addictions – first to substances, and now to anger. With almost one year substance-free, and now two weeks with no inward or outward expressions of anger, I am learning firsthand the mutable nature of this mind. Even generations of habits can be shifted. As I wish, I create. As I think, I relate, with more or less compassion. And if I wouldn’t say it out loud, I

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Home Feels Like This

The first “aliyah” or opening of the Torah each year on Yom Kippur at the New Shul feels like I’m coming home; here we are once again, listening, learning, liberating ourselves and beginning anew. This is my piece for this year.  Every year around this time, I think I hear the world collapsing; unfolding, laughing, reloading, and I’m knowing that this Moon today wants her way with me and I’m sensing that her big, beautiful showing is meant to give us a deepening sense of dignity, a dissolution of insincerity, a fresh wash of lucidity. It’s LOVE! It’s here. It’s Amplifying, Mesmerizing; that’s what’s making it feel so sacred, so holy, so utterly naked, so much higher this is the part that always makes me cry each year. Even if i haven’t really considered until now how close God is to me, I know I’m still being guided to how to receive this moment freely – and read this map and open my highest creativity then wrap my voice up in these words to share with you so quietly, which is how i feel them in here. “Home is not a place. Home is a state of consciousness, where in your spirit

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