Evolving Buddha Bowl

Note :: For a fun alternative, Ginger Quinoa Bowl recipe here. This bowl is my breakfast [or lunch, or dinner] of champions. I always keep the constituent ingredients around so I can throw it together fast. Enjoy. 1 c Quinoa (white/red/black or a combo), cooked according to instructions 2c Steamed or blanched kale / broccoli / cauliflower / haricots verts / Brussels sprouts / sweet potatoes Optional Yummy Additions Avocado slices or cubes Grilled Tempeh 1-3 eggs scrambled Sliced Sicilian olives Chicken Sausage Coconut-oil sauteed pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, pistachios Eden Shake (black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds, dulse flakes) Healthy splash of Olio Verde Olive Oil Sal de Ibiza or Himalayan Pink Flake Salt and / or (often both for us) MAGICAL MISO DRESSING 150ml citrus (i love lemon but play with grapefruit/orange/lime if you wish) 150ml olive oil 3-5 heaping Tablespoons of Sweet, Mellow or any type of miso you love. Mix with your hand blender till smooth, or put all the ingredients in a bottle and shake it like crazy. Here’s mine with Jonah’s mini version from a recent dinner. He loves his haricots verts “on the SIDE, Mama.” And here’s a version with beets, yogurt and pistachios, alongside some purple kale …

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The Frequency of Home.

[From Huffington Post Healthy Living, November 4th, 2014] “Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through those eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded.” -Goethe On the occasion of my 44th trip around the sun, I was prepping to teach in Berlin in a 2nd floor dance studio. Surrounded by lush, old, green trees, I gazed for a few moments at Nature and my lesson plan went right out the window. Situated in the depths of those tall trees, the words “find the frequency of home” landed in my mind, and that was what we explored. The frequency of home is what we feel when we are deeply at home within ourselves. When we find ourselves in good alignment and we feel our consciousness right in the center of ourselves, that’s home. I find that when I’m getting bodywork, or Reiki, or just sitting quietly (especially on an airplane), I arrive in that place within where all is serene, and my mind is clear. Home. We often feel this sensation when we’re in Nature – she puts us into an attentive state of ease. In that “home” state, even in the presence of …

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On Devotion and Higher Love

This year I had a moment to address the congregation of the New Shul for Yom Kippur, on the subject of devotion. After making several pages of notes, the night before the service on the Day of Atonement, I suddenly found myself writing and writing – a poem, a long spoken-word prayer. He told us to walk into this awake, and to listen with love. So we take to walking inward, or is it Above? Toward the antidote, for this longing we feel for wholeness, devotedness. But are we, these sacred beings, really created with an absence? Or are we just beginning to realize that The magical Source and primary Cause of unshakable devotion is really just a question? Who Am I? And then just beneath that answer, Who am I now? And would it be wrong to ask of my God, Can You show me how? How can I see myself as the light I really am? And how can I travel to someplace beyond the shame? And if you’re asking us to be a burning tree of Love and Devotion, perhaps you can show us how to make the most of this? Or are you just here to bear …

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What I Want to Teach My Kids

Every now and again I receive a homework assignment from a coaching client that touches my whole soul. This just in. After telling me she really feels aggressive, dejected, and truly wants to soften her demeanor, her behavior, her attitude and her thinking, I gave her this assignment. What would you like to teach to your kids with your demeanor, your behavior, your attitude, your thinking?  “I want to teach my kids to be patient. To roll with the ups and downs. To not give up. To be honest, open, loving kind, and fierce. I want to teach my kids to act openly and not defensively. That love wins, love rules, love guides. I want to teach my kids that a partnership is sacred. That even when shit hits the fan and everyone’s mad, grown ups still find ways to treat each other respectfully. I want to teach my kids that not every day is perfect, and it’s okay to be a little unsettled sometimes. I want to teach my kids that fights are resolvable, it doesn’t mean there isn’t love. I want to teach my kids that adults can navigate hard times together and learn to be open to how the other sees …

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As of today.

Let’s make tough mornings into maps and tough afternoons into naps. Let’s make tough conversations into the right kindness and tough teachings into the only holiness. Let’s make tough evenings into deep poetry and tough nights into the soft spaces they’re meant to be. *

The Medicine of Letting Go

Beginning now, a prayer rising is what we’ve become. A collective virtue asking for kinship, simplicity. I thought I was listening, but then came a finer sympathy – The trees speak. The mountains move. The water lulls me into my song. So when the vast sky begins to correspond with your heart, deep in the night before the morning breaks, keep listening; star shine brings wisdom. This is the medicine of letting go. Elena Brower July, 2014

Still (My Favorite Reminder)

I said I will find what is lowly and put the roots of my identity down there: each day I’ll wake up and find the lowly nearby, a handy focus and reminder, a ready measure of my significance, the voice by which I would be heard, the wills, the kinds of selfishness I could freely adopt as my own: but though I have looked everywhere, I can find nothing to give myself to: everything is magnificent with existence, is in surfeit of glory: nothing is diminished, nothing has been diminished for me: I said what is more lowly than the grass: ah, underneath, a ground-crust of dry-burnt moss: I looked at it closely and said this can be my habitat: but nestling in I found below the brown exterior green mechanisms beyond the intellect awaiting resurrection in rain: so I got up and ran saying there is nothing lowly in the universe: I found a beggar: he had stumps for legs: nobody was paying him any attention: everybody went on by: I nestled in and found his life: there, love shook his body like a devastation: I said though I have looked everywhere I can find nothing lowly in the universe: I …

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Full Moon Guidance

My mission is gentleness. My hands are for healing. My eyes are for looking lovingly. My ears are for listening generously. My tongue is for speaking beautifully. My heart is for receiving spaciously. photo: Peter Turnley, C train, Mother’s Day 2014 

Your Highest Self is Calling

This choice I’m making, I know I know better. This thought I’m creating, seems a trap, a net. This action I’m taking, should be way higher, and I can’t bridge this gap; no matter how I try. Yet. My heart knows. THIS is just my mind. We all do this – all the time. Welcome to your subconscious mind, this warehouse of experiences, thoughts and feelings; accumulating, morphing, taking on subtle charges, resolving and deepening conflicts, based on your interactions with your self and others, all the time. So who is this, then, this seeker, reading this, feeling this, knowing this, right now? “Our conscious personalities, that we like to think of as stable and constant, are merely aggregates of ideas with which we temporarily self-identify” [from Svoboda, Robert, Kundalini: Aghora II]. This “you” is a very special collection of aspects and states, those chosen to be featured at the forefront of your experience – that which is currently on exhibit, if you will. “The conscious personality is a sort of museum whose curator selects objects for display to others from the museum’s warehouse, the subconscious” [ibid, Svoboda]. The curator has selected only the most potentially popular aspects of your …

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Perspective Shifting

Thank you A.L. for this; may it help us all. “I just had an event that happened at my house that made me think of a Facebook post you had a little while ago. My son got himself a drink of juice then put the container back in the fridge without the top on tight, causing juice to spill all over the fridge. He immediately got scared. What normally would have happened is I would have gotten angry, yelled. He would be more upset and cry. My husband would have gotten upset. We probably would have ended up fighting. My son would be left feeling horrible and then I would have enormous guilt. Our night would have been ruined. Because of your honesty and wonderful teachings, I was able to take a breath and calmly tell him it’s ok and to go watch tv while I cleaned up. My husband then came out and didn’t react, just helped me clean up. Now we are continuing to have a peaceful Friday night. It could have been so different. Thank you for all you do. So much gratitude for your light.”