Episode 129: Alyssa Snow

On the surprising nature of unconditionality, the meaning and practice of service and taking action in your own neighborhood.

Episode 126: Ruby Jones

On the vitality of simplicity, the practice of making art, and the drawings that have become beacons of kindness for our time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Healing from Emotional Abuse

Once upon a time, on a mountain top, deep in my studentship, about five years and eight notebooks into the most serious spiritual journey of my life, I am mid-class in a week-long training that will change everything. My dear teacher bends down in front of my mat, picks up my pen and writes a few words in my treasured blue Clairfontaine notebook.  I’ve never shared this.   As soon as I see the ink forming the words, I realize I’m shaking. As a “good student,” I never want to disappoint this person, and I can’t believe I’ll have to. All of this happens as I’m watching a short poem unfurling on the page, inviting me to this person’s private quarters; clearly a sexual invitation. I’m horrified, confused, frustrated, lost. Mostly lost. And in my utter humanity, a part of me wants to say yes, to please, to be chosen. Which simultaneously disgusts me. Step One: Acknowledge the Abuse  Afraid to disappoint my teacher and wondering if my first extended training will now become the abrupt end to my long-awaited studies, I ask this person to meet me outside, just after class, in full view of other people. Step one of …

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Essential Oils to Nourish Your Nervous System

Christine and Elena teach the benefits and various uses of the following 5 oils in supporting a healthy, calm nervous system. Copaiba / Cardamom / Balance / Adaptiv / Lavender Book your free oils consult with Elena 30 Days of Essential Oils