MetaPWR Overview

30+ minutes on MetaPWR: on your metabolic health and the importance of efficient cellular communication. In conjunction with LLV and consistent use of essential oils, in 2.5 months the MetaPWR system has helped me shed 2 pant sizes and regain my interior vitality during menopause. This system is for all ages, all body types and worth exploring no matter what stage of life you’re in. Download Notes Book a consult with Elena

Episode 135: Nikki Costello

On the yoga of this daily life, emerging instances of intimacy with oneself and the translucency that arises from consistent practice.

Episode 134: Beth Lambert

On the truth of childhood chronic conditions, cumulative environmental stressors, hopeful approaches and inspiring reversals.

Essential Oils for Skincare

Skincare begins from the inside. Explore supplements and practices to support healthy gut biome, which helps your skin. Then learn how to nourish your skin with oil cleansing, and which essential oils are optimal for your skincare routine starting today.

Essential Oils for Elders and Caregivers

With guest Sierra Campbell, founder of and; oils to support all systems for our elders. Useful if you’re engaged with elder care and/or end-of-life support. For information on working with Elena and her doTERRA team: