Being You: A Journal

An interactive ritual to expand your creative expression and empowerment, BEING YOU is filled with thoughtful prompts, fields of color and moving passages to energize you, help you embrace your emotional life, write  through challenges and shape your attitudes. 


Practice You

A map to your highest self, PRACTICE YOU is a field guide of your own creation. The potent inquiries and inviting spaces await your contemplations, inviting you to know yourself and what nourishes you best.

Coming in 2023: Nurturing You, the final Journal in the series. These books are perfect to work on in tandem with your friends and family, and are in regular use as curriculum in teacher trainings as well as college and high school writing classes.

For Studio Owners and Teachers, please email for wholesale consideration.

Practice You Daily Awakening Deck


Art of Attention

Art of Attention has been ranked number one for book design in the States, Germany and France, and has now been translated into seven languages. The accompanying Art of Attention Yoga Healing Cards, designed by Erica Jago, now in their second printing, are being used in more than fifty countries for divination and daily inspiration.