Calling the Light

Written for the closing circle of our Calling the Light Retreat.
Paros, Greece, July 2016

It’s light. It’s there. It’s alive. It’s aware.
We practice and sit to reveal more clarity;
in every detail of our physiology,
t r a n s p a r e n c y
is called for.


Be awake, be clear. Notice each time you lose your awareness and start thinking.

This is the energy we’re seeking, that feeling, post-practice, when the birds seem to
be singing more melodically,
and my heart softens to pulsate the truth in me, so softly.

A flipped wrist, a bent knee, a soft word, praying for ease
A held pose, a fresh laugh, a kind smile, hug me please
and let me take in this light again, and now again,
let me remember this sunshine, these tastes, these friends.

This is life. This is light. This is on. This is right.
This is showing me that I can go back to the default world
and bring our radiance to the darkest night.

Calling the light of awareness
addressing the humble apprentice
opening the mind to the quietness
sitting gratefully in my heart to the Source of this
h o l i n e s s
that which I can see, that which is unseen,
that which I’m becoming and of course,
that which I’m being.



4 thoughts on “Calling the Light”

  1. simple.
    a lady who trusts herself
    who likes to stand on haystacks.
    not preachy or too religious
    clear and pristine like fresh flowing water.
    (don’t think i don’t get the last paragraph boy do i ever)
    do u think me daft?
    and i wont take it for granted
    it s the nature of addiction that has caught me in its web
    but the spider ROGUE that has seen her last kiss
    unaware of feminist undertones
    of the perception of the female rogue in our society
    selfish, dishonest, amoral, sexual, dynamic, strong, rebellious
    everything we hate in a woman
    i know love been loved have loved.
    irreverent, i dance my way out of the web
    lady on haystack knows how to too!!!!!!

  2. You are my greatest yoga inspiration. Thank you for sharing so much of your work online. I do your yogaglo classes almost daily and I am not only deepening my own yoga practise, but inspired by you for the classes I am teaching. <3

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