Nourish You

MetaPWR Overview

30+ minutes on MetaPWR: on your metabolic health and the importance of efficient cellular communication. In conjunction with LLV and consistent use of essential oils, in 2.5 months the MetaPWR system has helped me shed 2 pant sizes and regain my interior vitality during menopause. This system is for all ages, all body types and worth exploring no matter what stage of life you’re in. Download Notes Book a consult with Elena

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How to get a good night’s sleep

Seeking a consistently good night’s sleep for yourself? With essential oils that are easy to apply, supplements to support your systems and even tiny journals to clear your mind and locate your gratitude, these three mini-kits are an invitation to create a routine that helps you fall asleep – and stay asleep. Link to become a customer and learn with me ($35 for the entire year) The Sleep Program is available as a loyalty order; once you’re a customer, I’ll personally help you create your Sleep Program. Questions? Email me personally

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Milk Cleanse? What if I’m Dairy Free?

It’s January 2018; I’m not myself. My skin looks like I’m back in puberty, except now I also have eczema along with cystic acne. I’m not digesting the nourishing food I’m eating properly, which means I’m uncomfortably bloated after every meal I eat. I’m sleeping so poorly. A friend offers me her coveted appointment with Dr. Linda Lancaster (which is basically harder to get than a ticket to Hamilton during the opening month), and I take it. At the time, Dr. Linda (as she’s fondly called) is taking patients for a handful of days in New York City each year. I walk up to her temporary office on the East side in the 50s, to be greeted by smiling eyes, her mane of healthy, thick gray hair and an authentic embrace. Love at first hug. Energetic and blood testing reveals that my body has indeed been a happy home for parasites – specifically roundworm, hookworm and some sundry amoebas, so it’s time to do a Milk Cleanse. Dr. Linda says I need eight days of goat milk along with her specifically formulated herbs to get my tired, toxic gut biome back into some semblance of functionality. Except that I definitely

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Why to Create a Career with doTERRA

On the ethos, efficacy and service of doTERRA;  as a company, a community and a creative source for so many of us. Over seven million of us to date have experienced benefit from the use of doTERRA Essential Oils. We didn’t purchase it in a store; we were taught by someone who’d learned about the compounds, and was willing to share with us. The company thrives with this futuristic business model; our success depends on our willingness to learn, teach and most importantly, collaborate. Would you prefer to compensate the head of a company who’s not been in contact with their products in years? Or would you rather pay your colleague or friend who’s been diligently studying, discovering their own personal results and teaching what works? Would you like to support your friend as they endeavor to grow a team of their own to support their family? doTERRA leads in the world of network marketing because the business structure lends itself to an evolution we’ve all longed for: in this business model, committed teachers can become accomplished, well-compensated leaders. I wish that were true in our schools. And what makes the Oils so easy to share? The transparency of quality testing

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Litsea and Manuka

Two rare Oils, Litsea and Manuka, are doTERRA’s gift to us this month for any qualifying order. In this short Study Session, learn about the properties and benefits of each Oil and how I’m using them for both physical and emotional support. Learn more about our growing global team of teachers here.

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Self-Care for Yoga Teachers

As a teacher, it’s easy to let your personal practice slide – but it’s vital to replenish the energy you give to your students, and continually evolve the guidance you share with the world. Teachers, this program was designed to provide you with an efficient and effective series of seven thirty-minute practices. With nurturing movement and focused introspection, reconnect to the reasons you began teaching to bring back the joy and the sweeter meaning. Learn more

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