Perceptive Parenting: It Goes So Fast

Jonah was three or four when this video was made for a friend’s blog. The innocence and our mutual love is palpable, and every time I watch even a few seconds I’m touched by the ephemeral nature of time and the impossible opening that parenting offered my heart and mind. He was nine when this talk was filmed. My mother had passed maybe two weeks prior; we were due to fly to Australia for a long trip, just the two of us, to teach, travel and explore. Instead of canceling, we “asked” my mom what she’d have us do, and our intuition was clear. We went. Delivering this co-led lecture for Wanderlust was a highlight of our lives; we planned the talk, delivered from our hearts, and Jonah lasted the whole time, attentive, contributing his experience and care. I’m proud of this one, and it provides ample context on the core conversations that have helped me craft the Perceptive Parenting Course.

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