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Essential Oils for Unhealthy Habits

A brief and basic overview of the top Essential Oils for those healing unhealthy habits of any kind. For more on the Oils, my team, or to ask questions, feel free to email me at Celebrating my fifth year of sobriety, and sharing what Essential Oils I’ve used during my journey, this quick guide is a way to orient you to the simplest uses for Essential Oils in your own work. What exactly is addiction? Most addictions are born of a deep longing to connect from our hearts to our surroundings, and they become reactions to pain, typically related to circumstances or people that are dangerous, challenging, or absent. To divert our attention, numb our sensations and seemingly keep us safe, we choose substances, behaviours and relationships that match the low or stagnant vibrations of our environments in our past or present reality. Essential Oils help us shift the need for immediate relief into a new and nourishing relationship with ourselves. How? Every time we experience a traumatic, negative or degrading experience, whether in childhood or adulthood, a cascade of chemistry occurs in the brain that wires certain neurological pathways, records the external physical environment as well as the …

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Practice You LIVE: Parenting Awake

At the tail end of a monthlong trip overseas together, Jonah and I review our top tips for clear relations between parents and kids. Quick, real dialogue based on our experience. Resources to check out: Dr. Shefali Tsabary, and Cecilia and Jason Hilkey of Happily Family.

Practice You LIVE: Practicing Prosperity

Gleaning from several of the resources that have helped me to believe in my capacity for prosperity, a handful of exercises to put you squarely in touch with your own belief systems, and to help you redesign your relationship to money.

A Posture of Courage by Christina Sell

Yoga teaches us to face our fears with patience and an open heart. By Christina Sell, from Yoga International, early fall 2012 The victories and the challenges we encounter in our yoga practice become instructions for how to live more skillfully. In the first few years of practice, many people happily report that yoga has alleviated their anxiety, brought about increased feelings of well-being, and become a welcome respite from the stresses of everyday life. In this initial honeymoon phase, yoga offers a time-out from—and a soothing balm for—our difficulties. But then sometimes a shift occurs in our practice and yoga takes us out of our comfort zone and catapults us into a much more challenging inner terrain that no longer feels like soothing relief. Our yoga becomes a source of tension instead, and we suddenly come face-to-face with the difficult and even scarier aspects of who we are and how we behave. We can easily lose heart and give up, believing that something is wrong with us—or with the type of yoga we’ve chosen—and decide that maybe we should just stop practicing altogether. I believe, however, that the opposite is true; that we need to keep going. During this challenging …

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