Challenges Are Clues

“These challenges are clues. They have been placed in your path, strategically… so you would not be able to continue to ignore the experiential evidence that has been nudging you a lifetime. Choose carefully how to respond to these signals. And recognize them for the gift they truly are.

There is no limitation whatsoever in the structure of your fundamental essence. And you can, in fact, be anything you choose to be. The key to transcending conditions in which you perceive the evidence of limitation… is to dwell utterly and completely in a perception of how you would like it to be.”*

Every thought reinforces the vibrational building blocks of our circumstances; today’s reality is a result of years of thinking and believing in certain outcomes.

This year I’ve made this real for myself, releasing long-held addictions – first to substances, and now to anger. With almost one year substance-free, and now two weeks with no inward or outward expressions of anger, I am learning firsthand the mutable nature of this mind. Even generations of habits can be shifted.

As I wish, I create. As I think, I relate, with more or less compassion. And if I wouldn’t say it out loud, I won’t say it inside anymore. May you dwell in your wishes, and decline invitations to engage in conflict. May you welcome the evidence of freedom as it arrives, in every moment of reacquaintance with yourself.

*Oneness, by Rasha

2 thoughts on “Challenges Are Clues”

  1. Oh Anger, please share your experience with how this is going! Anger is the number one challenge I am working with myself. I have the consequence of immediate push-ups and back-rubs racking up for my husband when I choose anger! I know that under anger is sadness and anger just feels better – its more active – more primal – and therefore easy to go to. Not unlike an addiction – a undeniable desire to cope with the situations I find myself in (God bless my little boys!). So, please Elena, please share what is working – I need to hear it 🙂 With Love, Kat Seltzer

    1. Kat, read Anger by Thich Nhat Hanh and follow it. Share that you’re suffering when your anger takes over, and ask whomever it is with whom you’re interacting for some help with the moment. Tell your kids that you’re simply going to walk away for a few minutes when you feel it coming on, and give yourself some space rather than blow up at them. In just 2-5 mins you can clear that vibration and start fresh. Stay close, I’m here and I am glad to talk via email too. x

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