Coming Home :: Find Support & Stability in Recovery

Early on in recovery from any trauma, deep grief or addiction, shifting your smallest daily routine can make the biggest difference in your success. This series of practices is here to help you steadily navigate the waters of recovery. As a result of my own process, each of these classes holds a certain intent and energy, both physically and emotionally.

18 practices, each 20 minutes in length, over 6 weeks, comes together in this 40-day recalibration of your body and your mind. Each nourishing flow subtly builds upon the last, to open and fortify your body. You’ll conclude each practice with savasana, meditation and a clear affirmation. Whether you’re long in your recovery or just starting out, this program will help you feel closer to yourself, more capable of handling life’s daily challenges, and more stable in your recovery.

Week One
Welcome. Orient. Embody. Appreciate. Clarify. Design.

Week Two
Relate. Release. Reframe. Awaken. Nourish. Believe.

Week Three
Create. Receive. Rest. Weave. Offer. Amplify.


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