essential PRACTICE

For more than two decades, my family and community have received the benefits of essential oils in our health and home. As I continue learning and refining my understanding of the chemistry and efficiency of the oils, you are invited to become my dear customer, to enjoy wholesale pricing and my extensive, evolving virtual education.

Dedicating a significant portion of each weekday (and a number of weekends) to my work with doTERRA, I've come to understand the scope of what we all do as partners with doTERRA, whether you're a customer or are building a team.

Our connection to the oils helps our beloved growers across the world feed their families, send their children to school and keep their people healthy. Your simple act of using the oils or teaching and creating content sustain not just your health or that of your team, but the growers and farmers, folks you might never meet.


As my customer, you'll learn how to use the oils, creating routines for your overall physiological and emotional health. If you find you wish to partner with doTERRA and create a business of your own as I have, the short talk below details my reasons for partnering with doTERRA since 2016. Also below, you'll find my free course, 30 Days of Oils, which will orient you to basic usage and safety.

The majority of those who choose to grow a small business earn enough to cover the cost of their oils each month; several of my teammates have grown their work enough to considerably support their household income. If this interests you, we will craft a feasible, realistic plan for you and your community.

I highly recommend doTERRA membership with Elena.

Having earned two degrees from Sarah Lawrence College and New York University, I've learned from some of the most well-respected professors in my fields of endeavor. As one of her doTERRA colleagues,what I'm learning with Elena rivals that which I'd learned in college and graduate school; she grants us thoughtful, caring, passionate and personalized instruction, a unique benefit associated with being on her doTERRA team.

- Rev. Kat Katsanis-Semel, MA, RYT, New York


wholesale CUSTOMER

Learn and experience the oils as my Wholesale Customer; you'll receive wholesale pricing for your oils and products, along with extensive education and personal guidance from me. If at a later stage, you wish to grow a business in partnership with doTERRA, I will provide mentorship and support. 

If you'd like to enjoy the benefits of doTERRA Oils in your home or wellness office, leave me your email below; I'll send you information about the ways in which you can work with me.


30 Days of Oils

This comprehensive, practical look at how I use oils daily in my home will help you welcome the oils into your world in an embodied, meaningful way.