Episode 10: Diego Perez / Yung Pueblo


On meditation and the merits we carry as a result of our practice, engaging inward connections,  and cultivating heart community, with Diego Perez, the writer known as Yung Pueblo.

Diego Perez was born in Ecuador and immigrated to the United States as a child. He grew up in Boston and attended Wesleyan University. During a silent Vipassana meditation course in 2012, he saw that real healing and liberation were possible. He became more committed to his meditation practice while living in New York City. The results he witnessed firsthand moved him to describe his experiences in writing. The pen name Yung Pueblo means “young people” and is meant to convey that humanity is entering an era of remarkable growth and healing, when many will expand their self-awareness and release old burdens. Diego’s online presence as Yung Pueblo, as well as his books, Inward, Clarity & Connection and Lighter, are meant to serve those undertaking their own journey of personal transformation. His friendship has been a pillar in my life for the past several years, and speaking with him always reveals more depth and simplicity in my own practices.

Diego perez is the writer behind the pen name yung pueblo. The name yung pueblo means “young people.” It serves to remind him of his ecuadorian roots, his experiences in activism, and that the collective of humanity is in the midst of important growth. His favorite word, liberation, took on a deeper meaning once he started meditating vipassana, as taught by s.n. goenka. Through writing and speaking, he aims to support the healing of the individual, realizing that when we release our personal burdens, we contribute to a global peace.

Length: 49:17

How Diego sees his work as being a part of helping the collective to grow up.

Influence of meditation and Vipassana retreats on Diego’s writing.

Diego’s morning routine.

Letting go. It’s about unhinging and making peace with the past.

Remaining connected to Source. Focusing on impermanence, rather than the soul.

Hafiz’s poetry . I have learned so much.

On expressing impermanence.

How to get loved ones to begin their journey inwards. All you can do is be a role model.

The finest results of a good practice: showing more kindness, more respect and less judgment.

On just wanting to be a gentle person.

Reading from Inward: Self-love. Social Media as a medium for humanity to talk to itself.

Luke Storey and 5G. On humans creating the atomic bomb. Instagram timers. Airplane mode.

The privilege of serving someone who is working on their liberation.

Time away from phone.

Diego’s favorite view from within.

Diego and his wife on hanging out with their eyes closed.

What it’s like to go on a Vipassana meditation retreat.

What prayer means to Diego. Metta.

The merits of the practice. On wanting to give up, right before the next layer dissolves.

Reading of Repeat Daily from Inward.

Making movies in your head vs: letting the tensions go.

Parenting and the bravery of letting children have their own experience.

Reading from Inward. “Happiness and gratitude are attractive forces.”

45: 03
Working towards a goal vs. the tension of cravings.

Finding a practice that helps you reach your subconscious so you can release deeply rooted patterns.


The Gift by Hafiz

Luke Storey’s The Life Stylist Podcast episode 191 with Dr Jack Kruse


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