Episode 108: Latisha Springer

On the reality of food insecurity, the stellar efforts of the folks in our midst who are making an actual difference, and how you can help.

Latisha Springer, MBA is a Fortune 50 cubicle escape artist who recently returned to the U.S. after spending nearly 3 years enthralled by the unmistakable and intoxicating rhythm of life in North Africa. She is the founder of Free99Fridge – an Atlanta-based grassroots organization committed to fighting for food justice and addressing the needs of neighbors through mutual aid. Free99Fridge provides high quality food at no cost to anyone who wants or needs it via a network of community fridges. Latisha leads a solution-oriented collective of thousands of volunteers aiming to build up community and end food disparities…one fridge at a time. When she’s not busy upsetting the status quo, Latisha enjoys traveling, reading, and all forms of adventure.


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