Episode 115: Dawn Rivers

On surrender and fearless creation, in business and in our relations.

From librarian to yoga teacher, practitioner, and the only solo African American woman-owned yoga studio in Ohio, Dawn M. Rivers saw firsthand the need for more inclusivity in yoga for women of color. Dawn decided to create what she wanted to see graduating 12 Black women as yoga teachers with Black Women representing 85% of our staff. Daybreak Yoga is a safe space for ALL individuals to practice yoga. We opened to be a light on a hill for those who have not felt at home or comfortable attending other yoga studios. We provide accessible practices in a fun, light, and engaging way. Our humble beginnings started in July 2013 after Dawn graduated from a yoga teacher training program. She had the idea of Daybreak Yoga being a “Light on a Hill” to share her stories, her journey, and use yoga to help people find happiness and healing. That summer she had her first private clients. From there she began teaching at local YMCAs and had a couple of corporate clients. In 2016, Dawn rented a room in the back of a martial arts studio to test her entrepreneurial skills. She also started using social media to market the brand and grow her offerings. Fast forward to 2018, she signed the lease for her own brink and mortar location to house Daybreak Yoga. After years of growing her business, she took the big leap in September 2019 by resigning from her school librarian position to run Daybreak Yoga studio full time. Since then, Dawn has gained traction, solidified the brand, and expanded the team.


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