Episode 12: Liz Corwin

Former Navy Pilot and co-founder of Walkabout Yoga Liz Corwin on the victories that emerge from perceived failure, the choice to prioritize practice, and the ultimate walkabout.

Liz Corwin is world traveling yoga teacher, storyteller, and creator of Walkabout Yoga Retreats & Teacher Trainings. She is also a 15-year US Navy Officer and former F-18 Navy jet pilot. Today, she still serves as a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserves supporting the Naval War College. She began teaching yoga to the military community while on deployment in 2008 aboard the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier, sharing her practice and experience with other pilots and friends. Since then she has continued traveling the world teaching yoga to both our military community and civilian population as a way to bridge the divide of understanding. Liz’s teachings and storytelling focus on deep inner shadow work, redefining strength and the warrior ethos, and embracing vulnerability as we uncover true self-acceptance, self-love, and healing.

She has recently been featured in the New York Times & Yoga Journal Magazine, is the creator of “Walkabout Yoga” Yoga Retreats and the free online video series “Yoga for Military Warriors” in partnership with Gaiam and The Give Back Yoga Foundation, cover model for Beryl Bender Birch’s book “Yoga for Warriors” and ambassador for the woman-owned yoga brand KiraGrace.

Length: 45:09

Introducing Liz Corwin. The complicated nature of being thanked for serving.

What motivated Liz to join the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program at aged 21.

What brought about Walkabout Yoga. Finding Yoga.

The intense criticism during Aviation training. Flying under the radar.

Being a woman in flight school.

Being broken down to be stronger. How much it requires of you to turn down pieces of yourself.

Moment of reckoning during a mid-air collision.

Appreciating moments for what they are, because they might be the last.

Self-forgiveness. On discovering what self-love really is.

The aftermath of delayed anger and shame.

Finding Bamboo Yoga with Ann Richardson Stevens

Walkabout Yoga. Returning home. Teaching on Military bases. Travel. How it evolved.

Yoga Teacher Trainings. Nargiza Farrell. Combining Ashtanga and Anusura yoga.

Discipline was actually: how do I let myself off the hook and stay open?

Rob Schware
Warrior Yoga Series, free videos for military

The Salute. Gunnery Sergeant Smith.

Assignment part 1:
Find someone you emulate and find yourself in them. What part of you looks like them?
Write down the qualities you know you embody or you know that you can embody.

Favorite view. Future Self meditation. Peter Opperman

Assignment part 2:
Find that one thing that makes you see and feel your vision for a moment. How can you quickly get back to that feeling again and again?

Prayer as surrender.


Upcoming Walkabout Yoga Retreats

New York Times Article “Yoga & Veterans – A Different Kind of Warrior”

Ann Richardson Stevens

Give Back Yoga

Warrior Yoga Series free videos for military

Peter Opperman

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