Episode 122: Leena Lemos

On creating safe space online for spirituality to flourish in all its forms.

As a leading millennial voice in spirituality, Leena Lemos is on a mission to raise the collective consciousness and help you remember who you really are — a divine light being having a (sometimes messy) human experience. Leena is the founder of House of Enlightenedhood, a New Earth organization on a mission to make spiritual tools, wisdom, healing, and community accessible to all. Leena is an intuitive channel and activator, the author of the unique memoir “Dear Luna Wilde…” and host of the House of Enlightenedhood podcast.



“Dear Luna Wilde…: A Mother’s Journey to Self-Discovery, Spiritual Awakenings, and a Sh*t Ton of Healing.”

Mothers are powerful women. They are the keepers of the past, the present, and the future, yet many have been raised to stay quiet, seek outside validation, and wait for permission slips. The result? A generation of mothers who feel alone, less than, and more disconnected from their true self than ever before.

Exploring the way motherhood rips you open spiritually, Dear Luna Wilde… honors the raw yet beautiful journey of one of life’s biggest responsibilities. Through over two and a half years worth of letters to her young daughter, Leena Lemos reminds mothers of their truth while opening the conversation to the profound intersection of motherhood and soul discovery.

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