Episode 123: Joshua Onysko and Katey Denno

On clean beauty, super-sustainable packaging and the glory of organic plant ingredients; a real education awaits you.

Joshua Onysko, Founder and CEO of Pangea Brands Katey Denno, A-list celebrity makeup artist and clean beauty authority Joshua Onysko is the award-winning entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO of Pangea. For over 20 years, Joshua has led Pangea in developing sustainable, plant-based body and skincare products, culminating in the latest product launches in 2021 featuring plastic-free packaging. Pangea’s formulas combine powerful, bioactive ingredients from nature with the power of science for products that are highly efficacious and nourishing. Joshua has traveled to over 50 regions worldwide to find and cultivate deep relationships with organic farmers, who themselves are committed to “5-star” care for the people and the environments that produce their products. Joshua is on a deep-rooted mission to provide consumers a choice to purchase their favorite products without plastic, and hopes to continue to inspire change for others to follow suit within the beauty industry.
Katey Denno has utilized her standing as a beloved A-list celebrity makeup artist to help further the clean cosmetics industry for over a decade. The list of actresses who put their trust in her includes: Zooey Deschanel, Mindy Kaling, Kristin Wiig, Beanie Feldstein, Amanda Seyfried, Margaret Qualley, Judith Light, , and so many more. Her beauty tips + tricks, and makeup looks she creates, are showcased in major fashion and beauty magazines + blogs every month, and she’s devoted her career to educating consumers about the safe-for-our-planet-and-our-bodies / clean / green beauty products she uses. She shares her expertise as a consultant + collaborator with major skincare and makeup brands in the clean space, and those looking to enter it. Preceding her career in beauty, Katey spent over a decade advocating for human rights working as a social worker, helping women and children through a variety of difficult life situations. It was during her work in an HIV clinic in the Bronx that she learned two lessons that have influenced her as a makeup artist immensely: 1. from physicians she learned that what we put on our skin is as important as what we put into our mouths, and 2. She learned from her clients that feeling good emotionally is the first step to looking good on the outside. It’s with clean ingredients and an upbeat, positive, loving attitude that Katey begins her face painting work every day.


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