Episode 129: Alyssa Snow

On the surprising nature of unconditionality, the meaning and practice of service and taking action in your own neighborhood.

A former yoga studio owner in NYC with 27 years of corporate and entrepreneurial business experience and over two decades of study, practice and teaching in the field of mind body soul therapeutics, Alyssa teaches what she lives and lives what she teaches. All our life experiences and circumstances happen for us offering us constant opportunities to embody our Sacred Selves – if we pay attention. Alyssa is an avid writer and natural speaker. Her purpose is to live her life in alignment with her Sacred Self and teach others how to do the same. Because when we are in alignment with the highest consciousness in our body; our experience of our lives is vibrant and colorful and filled with meaning and contentment – even when things are hard.

Alyssa is a step mother, a biological mother, an adoptive mother and a therapeutic foster mother. She is a trauma informed parent and most of her days are dedicated to her desire to raise her sensitive adolescent daughters to become strong and resilient women who have strong connections to their Sacred Selves.

Alyssa lives in the Bronx, NYC with three daughters, two dogs, a mother-in-law and a very patient husband.


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