Episode 13: Barri Leiner Grant

Stylist, author, self-proclaimed vintage junkie and proud mom, Barri Leiner Grant has an artful eye and clever hand for the unexpected. For nearly three decades, Grant has established herself in the editorial and commercial markets—prepping, propping and conceptualizing everything from well-curated trend stories and books to memorable interior design shoots, and shows, ideation and product branding. She is tapped by leading architects, photographers and designers including brands like Crate&Barrel, Cynthia Rowley, SC Johnson, Huggies and Ulta among others, who call on her “trend-spotting” expertise. Grant translates her forward thinking vision into well-curated collaborations. Her background in yoga and meditation ignite a spirited vision to her work and the world around her.

I love to call attention and admiration to the smallest and most unexpected details – it’s my secret stamp. – Barri Leiner Grant

Leiner Grant and her partner Marie Moss have created a jewelry company based on their love of vintage. The duo have amassed 1,000s of vintage charms where they customize bracelets that tell the sterling story of a life – one charm at a time. Clients include Michelle Obama and Julia Roberts and have been featured in The New York Times and Elle among others.

Leiner Grant (@blg) has crafted Memory Circles, where those who have experienced grief can gather and share stories of loved ones lost. She lost her mom Ellen in 1993, and has been doing work in this space, including Unmothered Mother’s Day classes.

Barri’s path. Making fun out of what you love. Helping people tell their stories.

Cell phones and kids. Not being the mum that always says no. Trusting. Untangled book by Lisa Damour

The death of Barri’s mother Ellen.

Do we somehow know when we’re dying?

Ellen’s photo albums and her love of travelling.

Being grateful to know that Ellen treated herself well in her last days.

Ellen being a single mum, getting it all done and yet also making it an adventure.

How Ellen and her friend created a jobshare.

Seeing the inside of people’s houses. Who lives in a house like this?

Look around your house and make sure it tells your story. Anything that doesn’t, set it aside with a big thank you. If you feel you need more things to tell your story, write down a list of things that would mean something to you.

How Barri created the jobs of her dreams.
Be curious. Get excited. Don’t be afraid to ask if there’s room.
Wouldn’t it be great if…/What’s missing? See if you can make a job out of that.


On being where you need to be, with all the help you need. Wanting to make her Mother proud.

Writing down intentions. Keeping a list of dream jobs.
The Memory Circle A place to tell grief stories.

How talking about the hard things together is the only antidote.

Knowing you’re exactly in the right place. Getting to the other side of heartache and sharing your truth with others to help.

Divorce. On not speaking negatively about your ex-husband to your children.

Writing Books. Flea Market Baby . Flea Market Fidos. Jersey Girls: The Fierce and The Fabulous.

Being open to the making, even if it doesn’t make sense yet. Make it an adventure. Keep your eyes open.

46:37 Loneliness. Connecting in person. People just want to be seen and heard.

48:20 Favorite view. Connecting with her sister.

49:55 Meditation practice. Sitting and clearing for what’s next.

51:30 Don’t be afraid to say what you want and go after it.


Amy Owen – Yoga Teacher
The Smell of Rain and Dust by Martin Prechtel
Belonging by Toko-pa Turner
Flea Market Baby
Flea Market Fidos
Jersey Girls: The Fierce and The Fabulous

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