Episode 132: Angelika Alana

On the true definition of intimacy, the openings that come from tragedy, and the tenderness that brings us together.

Angelika Alana known as ‘Angel’ to her community is an Aussie born Sex, Love and Relationship Coach who cut her teeth as a yoga teacher first in LA and then London. After quickly developing a cult following, she began to teach more than just the physical postures, she was teaching a yoga way of life. Nearly 8 years later she has been featured in publications like Vanity Fair, Well + Good and Modern Luxury for her passionate devotion to supporting women and gender non-conforming people, to transform their love and sex lives. Using ancient and science-backed spiritual practices, she believes that sex and love are pathways to spiritual liberation.

“Sexual thriving and passionate love over the long-term are not experiences reserved for a special few… but they usually don’t just fall into your lap either. With the right in-depth education, self responsibility and support – every person is capable of thriving in sex and love.”


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