Episode 141: Jillian Wintersteen

On bringing the conversation of astrology down to earth and the practices keep us connected.

Jill Wintersteen is a spiritual teacher and the founder of Spirit Daughter, a popular astrology and wellness brand. Through practical, down-to-earth approaches, she uses the framework of astrology to explain topics such as manifestation, energetic evolution, emotional growth, confidence, and self-worth to her many followers. Jill became interested in spirituality as a teenager when she began to pursue studies in astrology, psychology, Chinese Medicine, Yoga, and Meditation. These practices served as the foundation of her life for over twenty years, even as Jill became an academic researcher with a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She created an extensive toolkit for herself to help navigate life’s unpredictable waters and has made it her life’s mission to give those tools to others. Through each of her carefully designed products, Jill gives guidance on the steps needed to manifest one’s highest visions. To reach even more people, Jill shares inspirational messages to her community of almost two million followers on Instagram through @spiritdaughter.


https://www.spiritdaughter.com Astrological Yoga Videos Moon Workbooks

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