Episode 143: Tasha Rose

On the efficacy of herbalism and plant understanding to fortify, tonify and nourish our bodies.

After advanced apprenticeship in Western Herbalism, the Wise Woman Tradition, and Plant Spirit Medicine plus studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, Tasha Rose began making delicious-tasting herbal preparations for her family.

Tasha aims to empower you to nourish your family and be prepared when the inevitable sniffles or scratchy throat show up. Each product is formulated either for herself or her kids. Every batch is made in sacred space, and there is a sacred prayer for your highest health in every bottle.

In this episode, you’ll learn: What it means to pray over your creations.

  • 3:00 Tasha’s history and studies
  • 5:00 Her beginnings in Santa Monica
  • 6:30 On creating her products in sacred space
  • 8:00 On her formulations, created for her family
  • 8:45 Balancing our systems with herbal preparations
  • 10:00 Consistent, deep immune modulation v. reactive immune support
  • 11:00 Ingredients in Victory Elixir (my favorite product)
  • 13:00 Elderberry Syrup, Tasha’s first creation
  • 15:30 Victory Elixir v. Mineral Elixir
  • 16:00 Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 17:00 on the merits of Fire Cider
  • 19:00 bone broth + fire cider
  • 20:00 Nettles to optimize every system
  • 23:00 Two main ways we get off balance
  • 25:00 Nutritive herbs, high vitamin and mineral content
  • 26:00 Oatstraw for anxiety
  • 28:00 Learning functions of herbs and plants to build relationship
  • 29:00 Befriending the spirit of the plant
Explore Tasha’s products here; a portion of your purchase through this link is donated to Girls on Fire Leaders: https://bit.ly/ebtasharose Free domestic shipping for orders over $75.

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