Episode 144: Abigail Wald

On the transformations, challenges and potential healings of parenthood.

Abigail is the mom of two terrific guys. She assumed she would know how to parent them just because she loved them, and was surprised to learn that love is not enough, and that parenting lovingly and effectively actually requires a set of skills you can learn.

In Abigail’s words:

The world expects children to behave like little ducklings. BUT – if your kid is a spirited wolf-pup who eats parenting books for breakfast, you might find yourself out-witted, out-willed and out of solutions. That is when parents call me, to liberate themselves from all they’ve been told SHOULD work, and finally build a customized solution that DOES work for their unique family.

Visit motherflippingawesome.com to learn how you can lovingly tame your wolf pup, yet still keep their soul wild and free.

In this episode, we discuss the realities and vicissitudes of parenting…

  • 2:30 what Abigail can “see” in relationships and interactions
  • 4:30 the silent promises we make to ourselves as kids about what we will and will not bring forth into our families
  • 8:00 “If You’re Happy and You Know It” – on choosing your own attitude
  • 9:20 on breaking those promises in real life and how to make good on them
  • 11:00 gist of Abigail’s 6 month program, helping you hear yourself
  • 12:50 core beliefs about our kids and ourselves
  • 13:45 developing a deeper understanding of each kid
  • 15:00 is your child really too young to understand? listening to lead
  • 16:00 deeper listening: slow down your mind and really listen
  • 18:00 encouraging choice-making in our kids
  • 20:00 how to grow contributive humans amidst anxiety
  • 21:00 on allowing “wants” – co-creation and collaboration
  • 23:00 on creating respect in your home
  • 27:00 from rage to deep connection
  • 28:00 regulate yourself to regulate your kid: benevolent leadership
  • 30:00 intergenerational trauma, recognizing and transforming
  • 39:00 what’s inspiring Abigail most


1 thought on “Episode 144: Abigail Wald”

  1. Thank you both for all that you do. It is SO very hard and I hope you’re both refilling your buckets after you give so deeply of yourselves to others.

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