Episode 148: Erica Mather

On the history of happiness and the importance of full self-acceptance.

Erica Mather is a recognized body image expert and a Forrest Yoga lineage-holder. She’s also the founder of the Adore Your Body system for overcoming body image challenges, and of The Yoga Clinic of New York City. In this episode, we discuss: Erica’s book, Your Body, Your Best Friend. Personally, I wish this book would be required reading for all teen-aged girls. We talk about the strange prioritization of the concept of “happiness” in our Western culture, and how that’s impacted For upcoming events, and live Adore Your Body programs, visit ericamather.com

On this podcast we talk about body image, recalibrating our ways of seeing and Erica’s book.

2:00 Interrupting conversations that make us feel unworthy
with Erica’s book, Your Body, Your Best Friend
3:00 Our American obsession with “happiness”
5:00 Society is created by our thoughts, actions and choices
6:30 Building an argument to help people change their minds about themselves, their bodies
9:00 Becoming comfortable with our own evolution, aging, changing
11:00 Prompts for our writing and freeing ourselves as we grow older
13:00 Beauty industry paradox
14:30 Restructuring the “lovable” paradigm: from within
15:30 Calling your spirit home
17:00 Making your body a hospitable habitat for your soul
18:00 Erica: Surviving sexual trauma and how that led to the ways in which she was mistreating her body; making her body a safe space again and again
20:00 Body as innocent; creating a new internal structure around body image
21:00 Trading comparison for compassion and perfectionism for potential
22:00 We can stop demonizing our bodies now: Erica’s book teaches us how
27:00 Find Erica at ericamather.com (get on her mailing list) or on Instagram

1 thought on “Episode 148: Erica Mather”

  1. This was really beautiful and insightful on so many levels…

    Seeing the body as a sacred temple that needs nourishment, rest and love.
    The depth and scope of this dialogue was priceless.
    Thank you.

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