Episode 161: Michell Clark

On social media as a teaching space; vulnerability as a bridge, and the possibility that virtual connections can bring about deepening relationships in real life.

  • 0:42 Introducing Michell Clark; Empowering entrepreneurs and leaders; The Creative Summer Company – @thecreative.summer
  • 3:05 Speaking from the heart, wrestling with complex feelings and giving grace to ourselves leading to connecting more deeply.
  • 6:00 Writing at the intersection of all of our passions and experiences. Finding the commonalities between all different types of people.
  • 8:40 Hip Hop – Tapping into emotions. Curiosity and eagerness to find commonality despite social standing.
  • 10:40 Uncovering and understanding the stories in hip hop lyrics. Jeff Burroughs https://elenabrower.com/episode-63-jeff-burroughs/
  • 12:45 The Creative Summer Company – Building a strong foundation, understanding values, learning while being playful. Webby Nomination
  • 16:09 Social Media Specialist for the National Museum of African American History and Culture (Smithsonian) https://nmaahc.si.edu/
  • 19:20 Taking a step back; Inspiring black artists – Kendrick Lamar – Stepping back from the pursuit of perfection.
  • 22:00 Alex Elle – How We Heal – https://www.alexelle.com/ – The process of going back and seeing different versions of yourself as a means to understanding yourself in the present.
  • 23:40 Understanding our own emotions. As parents, things we do not heal, we pass on to our kids.
  • 25:58 Intentionally slowing down, deepening an awareness of self. Seeing new breakthroughs, opportunities, and new aligned relationships.
  • 27:40 Give yourself half a day to do nothing. Shifting the narrative away from stay busy toward listening, learning and reveling in the self.
  • 30:05 Expanding reach; having confidence in speaking, hopeful writing and choosing optimism. Offering depth in social media.
  • 33:00 Tik Tok – An opportunity to be what you make it. The most aggressive ‘choose your own adventure’ social media platform of all time. Establishing guardrails for our social media/app usage.

Writer, mentor, creative leader, Michell empowers entrepreneurs and leaders to release self-limiting beliefs and actualize their full potential. Clark has built a community of over 600,000 human beings across Instagram and Twitter. He is deeply invested in leveraging his platforms, access, and skillset to build community.

In summer 2020, he and his wife, Duanecia Clark, founded their agency, The Creative Summer Co., which leverages strategy, content, design, and research to empower mission-consistent, Black-owned and Black-facing brands and businesses.

He resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wife, Duanecia, and their daughter, Ada.

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