Episode 162: Deborah Eden Tull

On the necessary redefinition and reconnection to darkness as the medicine of compassion, and how our embrace of the unknown can change the world.

Deborah Eden Tull, the founder of Mindful Living Revolution, is an engaged dharma teacher, public speaker and activist. She spent seven years as a Buddhist monk at a silent monastery, now offering retreats, workshops and consultations internationally. Eden teaches dharma intertwined with post-patriarchal thought and practices, resting upon a lived knowledge of our unity with the more-than-human world. Her books include Relational Mindfulness: A Handbook for Deepening Our Connection with Ourselves, Each Other and the Planet and The Natural Kitchen: Your Guide for a Sustainable Food Revolution. Eden also teaches the Work That Reconnects, created by Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy, for transforming out pain and love for our world into compassionate action.
  • 0:42 Introducing Deborah Eden Tull, Luminous Darkness, @mindfullivingrevolution
  • 4:00 Luminous Darkness: An Engaged Buddhist Approach to Embracing the Unknown; Redefining Darkness
  • 6:30 Journey into ‘Endarkenment’; 5 Aspects of Embodied Meditation and Spirituality
  • 9:00 Through what perception lens am I perceiving right now? Original consciousness – consciousness free of the perception lens of overlay. Fixation with light -> fixation with rational mind.
  • 11:45 Recognizing darkness as a great teacher of deep listening. The biases we carry.
  • 14:15 Deeply questioning and examining our biases. Biases valuing light over dark. Understanding ‘fertile’ darkness.
  • 16:15 Going through grief in a culture of sun shining. Learning to look within and reckoning with traumas.
  • 18:15 Welcoming the full spectrum of light and dark in meditation. Waking up to the vitality and sacred teachings of darkness, as well as light.
  • 20:20 The Fruitful Darkness: A Journey Through Buddhist Practice and Tribal Wisdom; “It is by staying present to what is that we find a freedom far greater than the utopia we are seeking.”
  • 22:20 Fierce compassion is a needed ally throughout our entire human journey. Presence is a transmission, an invitation into shared presence. Finding fierce compassion through mysterious illness. Finding a balance with gentle compassion.
  • 26:48 Endarkenment invites us to open our heart to the dharma gate that exists just behind inconvenience and comfort. Obstacles do not block our path, they are the path.
  • 30:50 Complications are auspicious, do not resist them. Cultivating a soft gaze. Attention follows the gaze of the eyes.
  • 33:50 Living life is our meditation, sitting is just the formal part of practice. Learning to see with inner vision, or more clearly with the heart.
  • 35:55 Seeing from wholeness and interconnection rather than the habit of fragmenting life and seeing through the lens of separation. Leading in the dark is a path of freedom from small self.
  • 40:20 Liberation from the idea of success as binary. Success and failure can exist simultaneously. Liberation from the idea of success as a byproduct of our efforts. Co-creating with life while resting in emergence.
  • 43:50 https://www.deborahedentull.com/ For full list of offerings.



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