Episode 164: Katie Rose

On the creation of what’s alive for you, and the gifts you give when you follow your truth.

  • 3:20 Ayurvedic teaching for women; Maya Tiware (formerly Mother Maya)
  • 6:00 Living in world of masculine energy, and finding balance through working with Divine Feminine; Not getting stuck in the seat of the teacher
  • 8:40 Hierarchies within online communities; maintaining equal respect for every member of the community.
  • 11:00 https://www.bhaktirose.com.au/; Ayurveda Goddess; Yoga of Birth
  • 13:00 The evolution of parenting 5 children; showing up as you are in the world extending into the online space
  • 15:50 Dropping into gratitude for present moment experiences; Am I giving my children enough quality attention?
  • 18:10 Not saying yes to many things we don’t want to do; modeling behaviors for becoming autonomous humans instead of being stuck in situations that aren’t serving.
  • 20:40 Creating a summit – the joy of bringing together wonderful teachers for students. Replicating the joy of in person gatherings with online summits.
  • 24:10 Acknowledging the good fortune of learning in community pre-pandemic.
  • Katie Rose is a yoga teacher, ayurveda guide and author with over 25 years of experience in the world of wellness. She holds accreditation with both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia as a registered experienced yoga teacher and teacher trainer with many thousands of teaching hours under her belt. She is a doula and teacher for the Australian Doula College.

    Katie was the manager of the prestigious TriYoga centre in London before moving to Sydney and opening Samadhi Yoga in 2004 followed by Jivamukti Yoga Sydney which at its peak was a four-studio business and is still a thriving community today.

    Her popular online courses have helped hundreds of women from all over the world in empower themselves. Much of Katie’s work focuses on the Australian seasons, landscape and Indigenous culture and she has a keen passion for respecting First Nation’s wisdom as well as animal rights and the environment. Katie has spent many years studying in India, the UK, America and Australia. She has had the honour and blessing of learning with some of the best yoga and ayurveda teachers in the world from some of the strongest, most authentic lineages.

    She is the founder and host of the annual Bhakti Women’s Online Yoga Summit and the author of several internationally available books published by Rockpool Publishing including Mindful Living and The Yoga of Birth.

    Katie helps women go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to living a life that is vibrant, creative and abundant. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her partner and her five children in a loud and busy household where her meditation practice keeps her sane.



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