Episode 166: Lisa Mattam

On working for ourselves, creating what we love and the science behind clean skincare.
  • 0:42 Introducing Lisa Mattam; a thought leader in entrepreneurship and resilience, and the advancement of women and diversity.
  • 2:20 The Mattam Group; Traveling with family and connecting with Kerala as a place of home.
  • 4:20 “Mom’s the Word: How Organizations can Change the Impact of Motherhood on Career Success”; equipping Fortune 500 companies with tools to keep women in the C-Suite and advance diversity in the workplace.
  • 7:10 Reva Seth – “The Mom Shift”; Organizations supporting mothers once they are mothers. Beginning transparent conversations about being a mother in the workplace.
  • 9:20 Mixed messages from organizations toward mothers between being flexible and being available. Find relatable role models. Granular reliability.
  • 11:20 “If they can do it, I can do it.” Rewriting the narrative of being old. Getting wiser, smarter, better at managing everything in your life, and more beautiful.
  • 13:35 Your 40s are when you finally get to know yourself and see what you’re capable of. Braver and softer. Launching Sahajan in 2015.
  • 15:30 Sahajan; Cleansing Oil, Balance Toner, Face Serum, Beauty Oil.
  • 18:05 Contributing valuable ingredients and providing the opportunity to transform our skin. Using our work for advancing and growing our platforms for service.
  • 20:05 sahajan.com/elenabrower; 20% off code: ELENA; Using Moringa in the Cleansing Oil for high vitamin, nutrient and antioxidant, as well as pulling pollution in the skin.
  • 22:30 90% of people in the world live in places considered over-polluted. Oils and balms breakdown makeup and SPF. Moringa is considered a Universal oil for its cleansing and nourishing benefit.
  • 24:40 Fruit extracts in the Balance Toner – Orange, Lemon and Bilberry; In Ayurveda, fruit extracts have been used to exfoliate. Pulling out dead skin cells so that the skin can be a great canvas to absorb serums and creams.
  • 27:35 Using the toner for age spots. Brightening Mask – Turmeric, Holy Basil, Hemp Seed and Fruit Extracts. Face Serum – Triphala, Gotu Kola, and Hyaluronic acid.
  • 30:00 Triphala on the skin has adaptogenic and tridoshic characteristics with high levels of vitamin C.
  • 32:30 Gotu Kola is considered ‘age defying’ in Vedic texts. Absorbed by the skin it stimulates the production of collagen. Promotes wound healing. Hyaluronic acid is nature’s moisture magnet. Brings water back into the skin.
  • 35:10 Why am I not using clean skincare? We buy skincare because we want results. The transition of being a victim of advertising to being an educated consumer is the shift to knowing what you really need.
  • 38:10 Ayurveda is the science of life. Beauty Oil – Moringa, Hemp Seed oil, Frankincense. Reverse engineering based on the desired results.
  • 40:25 Hemp seed offers a balance to redness. In North America, ~80% of people have sensitive skin and experience a lot of redness. Frankincense is the oil of royalty. Oils lock in and protect with a barrier on the skin.
  • 42:45 Cleansing Oil, Toner, Serum, Beauty Oil – Cruelty free. In Ayurveda, honey and beeswax are revered for their ability to strengthen and heal the skin.
  • 44:20 Lip Karma working in partnership with Plan International’s Because I Am Girl Initiative. Every Lip Karma purchased provides one day of school for a girl.

Lisa Mattam is a proven and passionate entrepreneur. Named by Profit Magazine as one of the Top Ten Emerging Women Entrepreneurs in Canada and recognized by the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce as Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Lisa has become a thought leader in entrepreneurship and resilience, and the advancement of women and diversity. She is a frequent commentator on these topics and has been quoted in a variety of media including Fast Company, The Globe and Mail, CBC, and The Toronto Star.

With her first venture The Mattam Group, she grew a consulting firm with clients in Canada, the US, Latin America, and the UAE. More specifically, she equipped Fortune 500 companies like Walmart with the tools to keep women in the C-Suite and advance diversity in the workplace. Notably, she co-authored the report, “Mom’s the Word: How Organizations can Change the Impact of Motherhood on Career Success” and was a contributor to the book, “Five Good Ideas”, published by Coach House Books. Building on that success, Lisa launched Sahajan, an evidence-based natural skincare line based on the Ancient Science of Ayurveda.

With Sahajan, Lisa brings together her entrepreneurial background and her knowledge from over 15 years working in and consulting to the pharmaceutical industry to create a skincare collection that since its launch has been featured in Vogue Paris, O, The Oprah Magazine, and Forbes, and is distributed in Canada and the US in retailers such as Indigo, The Detox Market & The Bay. Lisa was the only Canadian to be selected for Sephora’s Inaugural Beauty Accelerator. In 2021, The Atelier named her Entrepreneur of the Year and BMO offered a grant to Sahajan for her leadership in Beauty x Sustainability.

As a listener of the Practice You Podcast, you have a 20% off code at https://sahajan.com/elenabrower

Use code ELENA at checkout for 20% off your purchase.

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