Episode 167: Daniel Shankin

On the intentional integration of psychedelic experiences; supporting and educating for responsible engagement in our healing and creative expansion.

  • 0:42 – Introducing Daniel Shankin; Psychedelic Integration Coach; Director and Founder of Tam Integration; https://tamintegration.com
  • 2:45 – Microdosing psychedelics as a way of treating addiction and engrained behavioral patterns. “Be Here Now” by Ram Das was the first ‘Integration Manual.’
  • 4:40 – Yoga practice as a tool for liberation and grounding in this body/lifetime. Naturally approaching psychedelics with coaching clients.
  • 6:00 – https://2023.integrationjam.com; Finding community spirit and gathering online. Talking about cool and interesting topics with cool and interesting people.
  • 8:10 – Keystone species, biodiversity and ecosystems. Wrapping our head around everything being connected. The tree shades the water protecting the fish.
  • 10:30 – Where to begin with psychedelics — microdosing and macrodosing. Integrating in specific ways. *This is not medical/legal advice. This is not legal in many places, and there is an element of risk. https://www.youtube.com/@TamIntegration
  • 12:55 – Take time to educate ourselves, making good decisions with the information we have, and responding to feedback from body and mind, maybe journaling around it and tracking it. Psychedelics are a nonspecific amplifier. They bring up what is already underneath our layer of awareness. The psychedelic is not making you anything, but revealing what is there. It’s an orange juice squeezer.
  • 15:00 – We all have these very specific needs, and when the needs are met, there is a happy day. Understanding of a need becomes a transformation.
  • 17:25 – Understanding psychedelics from the perspective of its more practical benefits. True psychedelics don’t stand for addictive patterns. They become irritating.
  • 19:00 – Macrodosing experiences; Tam Integration – Pre and Post Integration; Long term Integration.
  • 21:05 – Training Integration Coaches; creating an experience that is respectful of our consciousness, respectful of the molecules. There’s no reason not to approach an intense experience with a certain amount of reverence.
  • 23:20 – Compounds in psilocybin associated with the self and persona. Compounds that scientifically decrease circulation to certain parts of the brain, increase circulation to certain parts of the brain, and it’s in promise for personal growth. Going in with a meditation practice.
  • 25:20 – Meditators have more of the positive effects and fewer of the negative effects. Meditators are often used to putting the persona aside.
  • 27:25 – https://2023.integrationjam.com; Save 10% with Coupon code: Elena.
  • 30:15 – Moral Trauma; https://www.moralinjuriesofwar.org; connoisseurship of certain mushrooms.

As the founder and director of Tam Integration, Daniel is committed to offering radically accessible and inclusive support and education for people who are wanting to transform, heal, and grow. Tam’s integration circles and online conferences enjoy a world wide audience and much critical acclaim. Daniel also leads the yearlong Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration Coaching Program, training emerging leaders in the facilitation of transformational engagement.

As a psychedelic integration coach, Daniel serves people in weaving their new-found truths into their lives and practices sustainably, harmoniously, compassionately and wisely. His methods are fiercely practical while maintaining space for mystery and magic to emerge. He offers time tested and scientifically backed tools so clients can create a life for themselves that is aligned with their deeper values and manifests measurable results that matter.

He and his wife live in a tiny town in New England where they forage for mushrooms and throw rocks into creeks with their two young boys.


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