Episode 177: Pixie Lighthorse

On the elemental forces carrying across times, heartaches, understandings and losses. The questions and gifts in the liminal spaces, and the importance of honoring grief in all its forms.

  • (1:37) – Healing and recovery through elemental forces.
  • (9:51) – Trauma, healing, and resilience.
  • (13:28) – Emotional projection and support in a relationship.
  • (19:55) – Grief, healing, and self-compassion.
  • (25:20) – Healing, self-trust, and inner peace.
  • (30:53) – Personal growth and healing through self-trust and self-respect.
  • (37:35) – A book and parenting.

Pixie Lighthorse is the author of seven books to help heal yourself on the inside so the world we live in can be healed. She is a tribal member of The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and lives in the ancestral tribal homelands of The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.

Pixie’s forthcoming book, The Wound Makes the Medicine, Elemental Remediations for Transforming Heartache, published by Row House Publishing, will be released on December 12th, 2023 through all major booksellers. Pre-sales are very important for authors and small publishers. Thank you for supporting marginalized voices through your purchase.

“Walking with us into our sacred ceremonies of grief, rupture, evolution and healing, Pixie Lighthorse reminds us of “what a body and heart can do when they release the mind’s desire to control. In her new surging treatise on heart healing, Pixie invites us to be reclaimed, to risk love again, to become trustworthy enough to heal even the forgotten, ancient wounds, awaiting our attention.” -Elena Brower (my blurb for this stunning new book)

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