Episode 178: Juraj Kocar

On enhancing the coherence in your home, your body and your cells.

  • (3:32) – Reducing mobile phone radiation effects and improving overall wellness.
  • (10:45) – Using Vedic technology to reduce EMF exposure in work environments.
  • (18:19) – Water structuring devices and their effects on health.
  • (25:28) – The benefits of a sound healing technology.
Juraj Kocar is the CEO of Somavedic Technologies Inc. Juraj joined the company after his own life-changing experience with a Somavedic device. He became CEO in 2019 as Somavedic began expanding into the U.S. market. Juraj is an endless optimist with a passion to build and grow projects with meaning. A serial entrepreneur and biohacker, he sees Somavedic as an opportunity to bring healing and harmony into the world. From Elena: Entranced when I saw one at a trusted friend’s home, my Somavedic has been a calming, harmonizing and positive presence since placing it in my own home almost two years ago.

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