Episode 188: Kemi Nekvapil

On redefining power, living and leading without apology, spacious parenting and the perceptions holding us back.

  • (2:24) – Self-awareness, identity, and heritage.
  • (7:32) – Identity, belonging, and cultural heritage.
  • (11:38) – Heritage, identity, and systemic racism.
  • (16:35) – Privilege and allyship in a 20-year marriage.
  • (20:50) – Parenting, values, and personal growth.
  • (27:01) – Parenting teenagers and respecting their identity choices.
  • (31:40) – Privilege and its various forms.
  • (36:23) – Privilege and leadership with a focus on neurodiversity and accessibility.

One of Australia’s leading credentialed coaches for female executives and entrepreneurs, Kemi Nekvapil is an author and a highly sought-after international speaker, a flower farmer, a wife and mother, and a solid friend. She’s studied leadership and purpose at The Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan and trained with Dr Brené Brown to become a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, working with teams and organisations to create daring leaders and courageous cultures. Kemi is a facilitator for The Hunger Project Australia and a regular interviewer of industry icons including Elizabeth Gilbert, Martha Beck and Marie Forleo, and she hosts the number one ranking podcast The Shift Series. With a level of compassion and wisdom only gained through extraordinary life experience, Kemi is a powerful advocate for connected, value-based living.

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