Episode 189: Seraphina Capranos

From the wild edge of intuition, women’s health, inner presence and full embodiment, a peek inside the hearts of wise, engaged women.

  • (2:48) – Women’s health and intuition with a holistic approach.
  • (8:50) – Rituals and inner terrain mastery for personal growth.
  • (16:43) – Women’s cycle, herbal medicine, and personal growth.
  • (23:53) – Women’s empowerment and healing.
  • (32:02) – Women’s leadership and herbal medicine course.
  • (36:32) – Meditation and inner wisdom for personal growth.

Seraphina Capranos is a clinical herbalist, homeopath, and initiated priestess with a practice spanning over two decades.

As well as being a deeply engaging teacher and speaker, she has a clinical practice on Salt Spring Island. Her unique blend of gifts straddle the vast worlds of plant medicine, homeopathy, and ritual and ceremonial magic. She is a sought after international teacher who has taught thousands of students since 2008. She is the CEO and founder of The Center for Sacred Arts.

From The Wild Edge is a ground-breaking virtual program that weaves a rich tapestry of Myth, Herbal Medicine, Modern Science and Ritual, taught by Seraphina and Dr. Karley Denoon.

Blending expert health and hormonal guidance, herbal medicine, enriching community learning, elevating your understanding of what it means to heal as a woman in our times, From The Wild Edge might be a relevant course for you.

ELENA means 5% off the course at this link. Enrollment closes Sunday May 12, 2024.

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