Episode 192: Emily Wright

On empowering women in business, prioritizing integrity and creating a global movement.

  • (4:06) – Using essential oils for health and wellness. 
  • (9:10) – Gender inequality in the workplace, personal growth, and leadership development. 
  • (14:21) – Using essential oils for health and wellness, fear of success holds back potential. 
  • (18:48)- Empowering families globally through essential oils. 
  • (25:07) – Growth and service in the essential oil industry. 
  • (34:15) – Essential oil quality and sourcing. 
  • (39:13) – Sustainable business practices and essential oil sourcing in Bulgaria and Madagascar.
  • (43:05) – Essential oils, quality standards, and impact on healthcare. 
  • (53:31) – Longevity, wellness, and passion with a female entrepreneur. 

As Founding Executive and Chair of the Board of doTERRA, Emily Wright has been fully immersed in the global essential oils market since the mid-90s. Empowering people on both sides of the bottle, she loves creating intentional connections and unifying teams for a common cause. She is a champion of doTERRA’s business model, focusing on providing tools to help nurture physical and emotional wellbeing while helping people reach their personal goals. Emily’s relentless desire to source the world’s most pure and potent essential oils continues to lift communities in sourcing regions as she places her whole heart into doTERRA’s purpose: helping the world heal. 

Emily and her husband Korey are the parents of four beautiful children and three adorable grandchildren, her pride and joy.

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