Episode 193: Ash Johns

On prioritizing our connections with our ancestors as a way to elevate our work and the quality of our present relations.

Ash is a profound Ancestral Healer, Conscious Business Strategist and founder of Ancestral Healing Space™. This episode with Ash is a breath of fresh, clear air in our lungs. She lives at the intersection of deep healing and practical strategy for freedom, abundance and cultural change. After walking away from 10+ years in advertising and branding, Ash realized our greatest recurring trauma—both personally and collectively—is in how we’ve been taught to survive in this world, and that the key to thriving lies in returning to ourselves, our roots and our spiritual practices. Her focus on ancestral communication is what drew me into her work. She’s the bridge between human and spirit, supporting leaders, visionaries and spiritual entrepreneurs in identifying and healing the inherited core wounds stopping them from living in their purpose, leveling up and influencing positive change in the world. RESOURCES https://www.ashleyjohns.com/

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