Episode 25: Jade Shutes

On aromatherapy as a path to activating our innate balance, understanding tissue states, and the study of Aromatic Medicine.

  • Jade’s first experience with essential oils.[2:21]
  • Aromatherapy and massage in the UK. Marguerite Maury’s holistic approach. The oils’ potential to reduce the impact of stress on the body. [6:07]
  • The Framework: Shifting the Paradigm, beginning with the heart: https://aromaticstudies.com/aromatic-studies-method/ [7:23]
  • Acute intervention with the oils. Fennel and Digestion. [12:00]
  • The body’s innate ability to heal. Helping the body through the use of essential oils, to help the body do what it wants to do. [15:08]
  • Essential oils and pharmaceuticals. [18:41]
  • Reawakening our relationship with aromatic plants. Altering perception. Reconnecting to nature. [20:15]
  • [How herbs and oils can co-exist. [26:15]
  • Respect for the potency of the essential oils. [29:13]
  • Our intuition as a valuable resource. [32:07]
  • Western Herbal Energetics. Six tissue states: dry/moist, tension/laxity, heat/cold. Using essential oils to support the body in returning to homeostasis. New language beyond treating pathology. [34:18]
  • What needs healing right now. 40:45]
  • Favorite view. [42:42]
  • Prayer. [44:30]
  • Aromatic Medicine Certificate Course [45:24]


Foundations of Aromatherapy Course
Aromatic Medicine Certificate Course.
Marguerite Maury’s guide to Aromatherapy.
Shifting the Paradigm:
Thomas Easley of the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine.
If Women Rose Rooted by Sharon Blackie


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