Episode 26: Eileen Flannigan

On the education and empowerment of adolescent girls as one of the keys to the future of the world.


  • How Girls on Fire Leaders was born. [2:05]
  • Girls on Fire Leadership Camps. Samburu. The power of using your voice. [6:24]
  • What drew Eileen to this work. Women and poverty. India. Kiva Fellowship (https://www.kiva.org). Manipur. Microfinance. Leadership potential. [9:36]
  • Work with Shofco https://www.shofco.org/. Access to nature. Karura forest. Mind expansive experiences. [15:40]
  • Partnering with other organisations. Community involvement. [19:09]
  • High numbers of HIV among adolescent girls. How leadership programs decrease these numbers. [20:56]
  • Collaboration. [21:35]
  • Workshops with boys. How do we lead with empathy and love? [24:14]
  • Makesh teaching classes using Practice You book. [26:52]
  • Leadership in community. Girls on Fire Leaders asking important questions. [27:52]
  • Outcomes of Girls on Fire Leaders since 2014. Vision. Design thinking. [31:21]
  • What needs healing. Voice. [36:00]
  • Assignment: Consider how the trauma you endured as a child could become your greatest teaching in your work.]
  • Favorite view. [38:44]
  • Prayer. [39:42]
  • Ways to be involved. [40:28]


The Collaborative Habit by Twyla Tharp.

Episode 26: Eileen Flannigan on the Practice You Podcast with Elena Brower

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