Episode 27: Rebekah Borucki

On mothering as hosting a human, lessons learned from repeating history, and remembering that what we’re healing was never broken.

Length: 43:02


  • Experience on Veria with Got Zen TV show. [1:44]
  • Rebekah’s family. Understanding what it’s like to be an other. [3:53]
  • Motherhood. Experience of race. Belonging. Finding our way. [7:30]
  • Healing estrangement from our parents/children. Lauren Zander. Providing a soft place to land.
  • Seeing your child as a child of the Universe passing through. [10:12]
  • Foster parenting. How we are all brothers and sisters. Giving your children autonomy. [19:10]
  • Communicating directly and concisely with your partner. Lauren Zander. Radical truth. Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower’s ICBD: Intentions, Concerns, Boundaries, Dreams. [20:55]
  • On writing Managing the Motherload.< Celebrating all the small things that go well in parenting. [25:25]
  • What needs healing right now. [31:44]
  • Favorite view. [32:54]
  • Prayer. [34:00]
  • Relationship between action and prayer. Activism. Time. Talent. Treasure. [35:36]
  • Handel Group. Truth as liberation. [39:34]


Rebekah “Bex” Borucki is a mother of five, TV host, meditation and yoga guide, birth doula, and author of You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life: Simple 4-Minute Meditations for Inspiration, Transformation, and True Bliss (Hay House 2017) and her brand new book, Managing the Motherload: A Guide to Creating More Ease, Space, and Grace in Motherhood (Hay House 2019). Her mission is to make mental health support and stress management tools accessible to all. For more information, visit MotherloadBook.com.


Managing the Motherload: MotherloadBook.com
Private Facebook community: BlissedInCommunity.com
You Have 4 Minutes to Change your Life by Rebekah Borucki
Voice Lessons for Parents by Wendy Mogel Ph.D.
Getting to Hell Yes by Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower
Mary Magdalene Revealed by Meggan Watterson
Handel Group and Lauren Zander

Episode 27: Rebekah Borucki on the Practice You Podcast with Elena Brower

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