Episode 28: Vanessa Cornell

On the real breaking points, perils and virtues of honest parenting, creating more time for adventure and more space to be ourselves.

Vanessa Cornell founded NUSHU Society through a personal need for a soulful community of women interested in exploring the self through powerful ideas and practices. Through events based in New York, NUSHU Society creates a space where women can feel safe to connect deeply, try new things, have fun and learn. Our collective goal is to lead a passionate, authentic and joyful life. Other passions include surfing, rock climbing, wine and contemporary Japanese ceramics. Vanessa lives in New York with her husband and five children.

Length: 46:54

[1:46] – Bringing people together.
[2:32] – Maternal health. Christy Turlington. Every Mother Counts.
[5:30] – On maintaining her identity and honoring her voice, as a mother of five.
[12:02] – Paying attention to your needs as a small act of rebellion.
[15:09] – Founding Nushu. Gathering women together. Allowing space for vulnerability. On going first.
[21:33] – On noticing what underlying values are at play: achievement vs. resting.
[23:14] – Energy Medicine and kids.
[26:48] – Bedtime with family.
[29:33] – Spending time apart from kids.
[30:38] – What needs healing. On loving our whole selves.
[34:30] – Favorite view. Finding flow.
[36:13] – Prayer as a connection to source. Meditation.
[40:06] – Surfing as a way to feel alive. Fear vs physical sensation.


Nushu Society
Every Mother Counts
Energy Medicine by Dr. Jill Blakeway
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Episode 28: Vanessa Cornell on the Practice You Podcast with Elena Brower

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