Episode 29: Amy Ippoliti

On the changing ecology of the yoga world, the importance of mentorship, and how we mature as teachers.

Amy is a yoga teacher, author, and earth activist. Her caring approach brings ancient wisdom to modern seekers, both on and off the mat. She shares her passion for yoga, health, and earth conservation, through her writings for Yoga Journal, Organic Life, Prevention Magazine and others. She is a featured teacher on Glo.com and a pioneer for advanced yoga education, serving both students as well as fellow yoga teachers. In 2012 she co-founded 90 Monkeys, a professional development school that has enhanced the skills of yoga teachers in 65+ countries internationally. In 2016 she co-authored the book, The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga, which has become a staple in yoga teacher trainings around the globe.

  • Yoga in New York in the 1990s. Amy’s desire to help new yoga teachers thrive. [3:14]
  • Yoga Teacher Mentorship. Asana and personal coaching off the mat. [6:53]
  • Anusura yoga. [10:42]
  • The future of yoga. Bringing meaning to each class. [13:30]
  • What needs healing right now. [18:16]
  • Favorite view. [19:50]
  • Prayer. [22:05]
  • Amy’s future in teaching. Environmental activism.[24:05]


The Art of Studentship and Yoga Mentorship
Come of Age by Stephen Jenkinson
Stasher Bags
Wild Aid
Blue Sphere Foundation


90 Monkeys Teacher Training programs – The mission of 90 Monkeys teacher training programs is simple: To change the world through providing yoga instructors and studios the tools to be the gold standard for yoga in your community.

“The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga” book – This indispensable and inspiring book guides both new and established professionals toward maximizing their impact as teachers and achieving their career goals.

Practice You Podcast with Elena Brower - Episode 29: Amy Ippoliti

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