Episode 30: Julian Brass

On owning our anxiety as a sacred cue to wake up and remember ourselves. On becoming our own eternal support system. Practical tools to soothe and serve–yourself and others.

Length: 56.10

  • Breathing. [2:38]
  • Teachers and singing. [4:00]
  • Using discernment to reduce anxiety.[4:45]
  • Power of playing.[6:45]
  • Planning your meals. [9:00]
  • Surface level anxiety. Simple choices that can help. [9:45]
  • Body as a gateway to the mind. Anxiety as a helpful sign to let you know something is out of alignment. [10:44]
  • Watching for the after effects of toxicity in your life. [14:28]
  • Being mindful of the music you choose. Jai-Jagdeesh.[17:49]
  • Tiny choices that contribute to anxiety.[19:17]
  • Choosing your self-talk.[20:18]
  • Becoming your biggest fan. [21:00]
  • Visualization. [22:49]
  • Creating Art as therapy. [28:10]
  • Ending negative relationships. Developing a more positive relationship with yourself. [31:06]
  • Wanting to live a better life. [35:00]
  • Volunteering. Donating resources.[37:40]
  • What needs healing. [0:25]
  • Favorite view. [47:31]
  • Prayer. [49:03]

Julian Brass is an international keynote speaker, yoga teacher, anxiety coach, and author of the book Own Your Anxiety – 99 simple ways to channel your secret edge.

His personal journey of learning to shift his relationship with anxiety while being the former CEO of the number one media company for millennials in Canada. Prior to the launch of the book, Julian has been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, Global, and Chedder.com. Now it can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Costco, Amazon, and over 100 Hudson’s Airport Booksellers.



Own Your Anxiety includes 99 easily digestible tips for shifting your relationship with anxiety. Split mindfully into three sections; own your body, own your mind, own your soul – this book has valuable tips to assist anyone through their healing journey. For a small investment, you can have the tools that can change your life.

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Costco, Indigo, and over 100 Hudson’s airport sellers.
Follow Julian’s journey @julianbrass on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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