Episode 40: Natalie and Andy Goddard & James and Roxane Bybee

On the transition from lack and doubt to worthiness and trust–along with the recognition that there is indeed a better way, with Natalie and Andy Goddard + James and Roxanne Bybee.

  • How Natalie and Andy transitioned into doTERRA [3:24]
  • How James and Roxanne transitioned into doTERRA [8:37]
  • Founder’s club [12:25]
  • James’s first class [15:18]
  • Roxanne’s early experiences with the oils [18:45]
  • The joy of watching others grow beyond what their perceived worthiness [21:35]
  • Financial and emotional struggles [21:58]
  • The power of asking for a better way [27:36]
  • Finding a vehicle for your unique gifts [29:03]


Van down by the river

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