Episode 46: Desiree Delunae

On boundaries, magnetizing prosperity, and practices for releasing blocks and renewing your relationship to abundance of all kinds.

Desiree Delunae is a Licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist, author and Blue Diamond Wellness Advocate. She provides a unique perspective of essential oil usage by infusing ancient principles of Chinese Medicine. Her work holds a core philosophy that emotions are a significant factor in creating health or dis-ease.

  • Boundaries for healers [2:18]
  • Tools for accepting change [7:41]
  • The importance of feeling in manifestation [13:15]
  • Learning how to receive [15:05]
  • Self-worth [21:09]
  • Releasing emotional stagnation [22:53]
  • Money Beliefs: Morality [26:35]
  • Money Beliefs: Scarcity [31:28]
  • Money Beliefs: Competency [33:54]
  • Money Beliefs: Environment [37:26]
  • What needs healing? [46:05]
  • Favourite view [46:41]
  • Prayer [47:10]



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